Education 3 Must-Read Books on Mindfulness and Happiness

3 Must-Read Books on Mindfulness and Happiness


If you are looking for ways to find your inner happiness, then the books listed below are some of the best non-fiction books available.

Mindful Work

This book opens our eyes to more options for relaxing our minds and resuscitating our burned spirit. David Geller, the author of Mindful Work shows us an inexpensive and yet, highly impactful way of escaping stress; Mindfulness.

Stress has emerged as one of the most common health issues that have plagued the working force. To combat this pandemic, more and more organizations are now turning to mindfulness and the results have been commendable. The basic principle behind mindfulness training is encouraging us to calm ourselves and observe our problems from a distance, without any prejudice, and understand what exactly is being asked. This makes our approach more fluid and helps us tackle the problem successfully.  

Mindfulness, achieved by meditation has scientific roots and modern science has proven the same. MRI has proven that meditation can calm down the section of our brain involved in the process of making judgments and decisions. This enables us to analyze our problems objectively and find relevant solutions. Moreover, mindfulness has also been proven to have positive effects on the pre-frontal cortex and the amygdala of the brain. Through Mindful Work, the author brings forth the advantages of mindfulness and some procedures to pursue the same.

If you wish to delve further into this book to pursue an objective and non-prejudiced way of thinking, then free book summaries and free audiobook summaries are available on the RollingSlate website.

The Purpose Driven Life

This book is about finding the purpose of our life by embracing the Christian way of life. Rick Warren in this book points us that the purpose of our lives is right before our eyes and we only need to see and accept it. The book suggests the different purposes of a Christian way of life.

The first purpose is to accept God and his plans. It is imperative to understand that we have all been created to serve a purpose. And this purpose should be our goal.

The second purpose in our lives is to be grateful to God for all he has provided for us. This gratitude doesn’t have to be expressed in exorbitant ways, even mundane activities of gratitude are enough.

The third purpose is to build relations with fellow humans and believers. This will make our journey of faith much more exciting and we will always have a friend to fall back on.

The fourth purpose is to spread the message of this faith all around. The primary message of faith, as The Purpose Driven Life iterates, is to strive for global peace.

These purposes can help us find the meaning of our life and live more satisfying lives. If you wish to find the purpose in your life, you can read the free book summary of The Purpose Driven Life and listen to free audiobooks on the RollingSlate website and app.

The Book of Joy

This book helps us guide our lives on a path to happiness and overcoming the many hindrances we find in our lives. Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu give us many pointers on leading our lives in that direction. 

The first priority in our life is to always keep on learning and to look forward to new challenges and developments. This attitude will help us keep ourselves abreast of the ever-changing world. 

The second priority in our lives is to develop a competitive edge over others. This, as suggested by The Book of Joy, is a culmination of three forces: our assets at present which include the capital we have at hand, our skills, education, and experience; our aspirations and values which also includes our goals, and finally, the market demand of the world.

The third priority is setting out plans for ourselves. The authors suggest a definitive method known as Plan ABZ to help in this regard. Plan A includes our prime focus of interests, plan B includes the opportunities to improve our scope, and finally plan Z which is the foolproof last resort that we can fall to should all else fail.

The fourth priority is to go for an opportunity that we know could help us make a breakthrough in our career. It might be rare and difficult and mess up our schedules, but if we have good feelings about it, we should go for it.

There are a large number of other priorities that The Book of Joy mentions that we should be taking to create a niche for ourselves in this world. If you wish to know more about the knacks as shared by the book to pursue a happy and successful life, a short book summary of the same is available along with a free audiobook summary on the RollingSlate website

Hence these are some of the best books available on the market if you are on the journey of searching for mindfulness and happiness.

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