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3 Top Ways Data Analytics Will Impact Strategies in 2020


Since the last few years, the outlook of data analytics has seemed bright. Cloud analytics took off against a market that was amassed to the edge with on-premise business analytic software. Sluggish dashboards were jettisoned for more active and agile interactive dashboards.

Spreadsheets got modified with highly augmented and data-informed accounts. Self- assessing analytics got on the ground to provide more people with the ability to use arduous analytics without investing in a complex degree.

In 2019, the number of IT leaders using data analytics and descriptive rose from 40% to 60%. The focus was on the intelligent experience and how predictive analytics can be related to CRM to build more factual sales projections. The big data analytics market revenues for service and software are projected to escalate from 42 billion dollars in 2018 to 103 billion dollars by 2027.

In this piece, you will find three ways data analytics will lead to business transformation and will change the current working culture.

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Stimulation of Natural Language Queries

Natural Language Processing acquires the ability to comprehend and interpret coarse human language. The main goal of Natural language programs is to make computers or electronic gadgets like human beings in the term of intellectuality. They enable computers to take orders in the native language.

2020 will unravel substantial advances in conversational analytics as well as natural language queries. This will enable the regularizing of analytics as the covenant of self-serve analytics has been around for some time now without being fully accomplished. 

NLP chatbots deliver many advantages for consumers and employees. Employees can enhance their productivity and stay focused by getting instant answers from an NLP chatbot.  

If you are still using a chatbot to communicate with stakeholders and consumers, Natural Language Processing will be a highly productive accessory to your arsenal.


  • NLP uses fundamental meaning and machine learning to maximize outcome and enable natural conversation
  • Natural Language Processing dramatically cuts off human intervention required for repetitious and manual tasks
  • NLP trains chatbots to comprehend, clarify, and prioritize consumers’ queries based on context and intent
  • NLP chatbots and software play a valuable role in market analytics and analysis. It helps in providing efficient operations by offering prospects and consumers a 24×7 customer experience

Data Science and Traditional Data Analytics Will Coalesce

In 2020, the business industry is witnessing a merger of traditional analytics and data science. Concentrated analytic abilities will seamlessly converge with data science verdicts to deliver a more detailed ordeal.

Earlier, businesses had to analyze and interpret analytics and then determine what action is required. This is completely changed as data science and ML are used to generate prototypes that procure prescriptive duties to business users instead of the users having to comprehend analytics on their own.


  • Data science is being involved in many actions to augment risk management. Recognizing defrauding has become a lot easier with machine learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms.
  • This merger helps to detect fraud by enabling intricate, large-scale, and real-time pattern detection that can easily adapt to the current market trends.

AI and ML Will Be Embedded Within the Analytics Solution

Embedding artificial intelligence and machine learning precisely within an analytic solution will be one of the biggest trends to watch this year. Some analytics solutions have this capability while others have methods to accomplish the same functions. The merger of artificial intelligence and analytics will be more seamless in the upcoming financial years.

Machine learning, analytics, and artificial intelligence are used in business operations. It is expected that in 2020, more industries are going to adopt this merger for augmented productivity. With the intensified dependency on modern tools for data analytics, mated with an accelerated mandate to access external data stocks, IoT tools, and networks, interconnection will be the tip to build cohesive data analytics equipment for your company.


  • It assembles data-driven apps with embedded analytics. These applications are built to imbue data from multiple sources and relate all the relevant trades around the product.
  • Machine learning not only helps in determining and improving data quality but also provides related ideas and intelligence approved actions for operational progress.

Summing Up

Data analytics cloud is a realm in constant motion. Many organizations are coming forward to invest in the SAP analytics cloud to aid digital adaptation. As per IDG’s State of the CIO 2020 report, 37% of the IT leaders state that data analytics will drive major IT investment at their company in this ongoing financial year.

Make these advances to become a self-learning business with steady monitoring and augmented data, ideas, and activities to target novel market openings and accomplish functional merit at high ROI.


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