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5 Ways a Library Card Can Assist in Turning Your Kids into Empowered Readers


Reading is the foundation of education for all the children, regardless of their age and school grade. However, parents can develop strong reading skills through deliberate efforts, especially when their children lack the motivation to read even after seeing his/her parents or grandparents reading books. Let us know how you can get your kids started on reading good books by merely getting them a library card.

1. Inculcate that library habit

The foremost thing you can do to prepare your kid for enriched reading is to generate his/her interest in books. The summer season is an excellent time to take your child to a library, as most kids face the phenomenon called summer slide during this time when they go through their vacation and lose touch with reading and writing. Sometimes, parents cannot buy enough books due to financial constraints and visiting a library to get free books for reading may help the kid.

2. Connect your child to a librarian

When you develop the fundamental habits in your child, get a local library’s card made for him/her. Else, encourage him/her to use the school library. For instance, if you live in Malaysia, then find the best school in Malaysia that can give your child access to a well-stocked library having books on various subjects and topics. This way, your child will stay connected to a librarian who is there to help children explore the right set of books as per their interests.

3. Encourage healthy reading

A library card opens a vast world of books. While your child may pick up any book to read, ensure that he/she is reading books that trigger one’s imagination, serve them with clean content, help strengthen motivation and literacy and develop their abilities in some regions of interest. If you take your child to a local library, make sure to visit 2-3 times a week. Do not force but support your child to create a mix of excellent books to enhance their experience. If your child reads at the school library, show enthusiasm and keep asking what exciting stuff he/she has been reading.

4. Set flexible reading goals

Motivating your kid with a library card is excellent, but you should also ensure that he/she gets plenty of time to read freely and without interruption. Let your child explore books they like, yet set some comfortable reading/book borrowing goals that keep your child on the go. Healthy incentives and rewards may work well with constant motivation to read and read more.

5. Help your child attend library activities

Whether it is a local or school library, you will find it organizing reading-related activities and interactive programmes for children. Encourage your kid to attend some storytime or social programmes that help them become empowered readers. Such readers grow in life by reading the right books and learning the proper lessons from them. 

Thus, a library card changes the way your child perceives the world while having fun in reading.


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