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5 Ways to Monitor Time and Productivity of Remote Employees


Numerous businesses have had to adopt remote working solutions in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic which resulted in continuous lockdowns. Many companies retained this practice for the safety of their employees even after the lockdowns had ended in various places around the globe. Some organizations have permanently shifted to ‘work from home’ solution. How did they make it work? Well, here is the answer.

5 Ways to Monitor Time and Productivity of Remote Employees

Almost all companies who opted for remote working struggled at first. They could not monitor whether their employees were working full-time or were chatting with their friends on social media or searching for their Spectrum internet service phone number to resolve billing issues. Eventually, they managed to work out the kinks using tools that helped track employees’ time and productivity. This helped them streamline their operations remotely. 

But what exactly is a time or productivity tracker? Simply put, it is a software that allows employers to monitor the time logs of each worker, tasks they work on, and track their overall activities. Several applications provide such services, so it is important to choose the one that suits your requirements.

#1. TimeDoctor

TimeDoctor is considered one of the best time-tracking tools and is used by many reputable companies such as Verizon, Apple, and PwC, etc. It is popular because it allows companies to monitor employees’ tasks, web-activities, log times, productivity, actual billable hours, and more. In addition to that, TimeDoctor can be integrated with several dozen tools. For instance, it can be used with Asana, GitHub, Zapier, Google Apps, FreshDesk, and various others. This integration makes things easier for both employers and employees. 

#2. RescueTime 

RescueTime is actually a platform that measures an employee’s productivity. Although its focus is on measuring productivity, it can track the time spent on a certain tool or website during work hours. It also allows employers to block certain websites to eliminate distractions. Another great feature is that it allows customization of productivity goals and alerts people if too much time is utilized in a certain activity. It also produces detailed reports of time utilization and productivity results. Moreover, RescueTime can be integrated with other time management tools such as Slack, Zapier, GitHub, and so on. 

#3. Timely

Timely is an amazing tool that measures time-based productivity on employees’ tasks, their web-activities, and log hours. Timely has an excellent automated time-tracking service which does not require any sort of manual intervention. It generates detailed timesheets and activity reports based on actual billable hours. It also provides an advanced interface that allows for easy team collaboration. Timely can be used with other project management tools as well. The only downside is that many of these integrations are only available for premium package users.

#4. Hours 

Hours is another excellent option for employers who want to track employees’ time and activities. It is a simplified app that allows you to effectively track and manage the time spent on various tasks. It generates notifications for each time a task begins or ends. It works well with the Mac web app and allows you to sync all your data across your Apple devices. However, it cannot be integrated with other time management tools and is only available for Apple devices. 

#5. ClickTime 

The last one on this list is ClickTime. It is an excellent solution for managing time, projects, and productivity of employees. It allows you to measure employee productivity, allocate work based on their performance, monitor time spent on various activities, and so on. ClickTime can also be integrated with various time management tools. In addition to all this, you can customize which integrations you’d like to add with this software. Although its dashboard displays all assigned tasks, schedules, projects, and deadlines, etc., its interface is still a little complicated to use. Also, it is a bit of an expensive solution since it is designed for managing large teams.

In Short

Investing in a good time and productivity tracking software for managing remote teams is an excellent decision. At the same time, it is imperative to dig deeper and find a solution that does everything you need and is not that expensive. The tools listed above allow you to ensure that your employees are doing what they are supposed to do instead of browsing for Spectrum internet rates or gawking at their Instagram posts. These apps can help you evaluate employees’ work ethic and you can uphold your company’s reputation and profits as well. 


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