5 Ways You Can Make a Good Impression on a New Client

Good Impression

Meeting with a potential client is a daunting and nerve-racking experience You want to secure their business and this means that you have to sell yourself and your business to them. You have to be charming, helpful and knowledgeable. Plus, wearing formal clothes and looking good is going to be important too.

But have you thought about other things you can do to make a good impression? A client is going to be looking at more than just you on the day of the meeting. Here are five ways you can impress a new client and ensure they choose your business.

Meet in a Professional Environment

First of all, you want to get the meeting off to a good start. This means ensuring everything is professional and formal. So, you will have to select the place of meeting carefully for seeing the client for the first time. This is something that you might have to consider if you work from home or in a location that is not suitable for clients to visit.

Many business owners consider meeting in a restaurant or café for client meetings. But, these can often be busy and loud places. They are not always suitable for what you are discussing and clients might not feel comfortable. Instead, you can always discuss matters with them in a meeting room. Check out https://w1virtualoffice.com/ in order to hire a meeting room for this occasion. This is going to give you a professional space that you can use, which is private and confidential. Clients can feel at ease here and get a good impression of how you do business.

Always Be on Time

They always say that you have only one time to make a good first impression. So, the one thing you definitely do not want to do when you are meeting with a client is to be late. Having them stand around and waiting on you is a waste of their time. They will be frustrated and it does not get things off to a good start.

You always want to be on time for a meeting. In fact, it is best to make sure you are early. This way, you can get everything set up and ready for them to arrive. It shows you are professional and want their business.

Have a Notebook

A lot of people think about a meeting in terms of a client getting to know you. But this is also an opportunity for you to get to know the client. You want them to know you are interested in them and are listening to what they are saying.

A good way to show this is to bring a notebook. You should actively make notes during the meeting with them to show you are engaged with what they are discussing. Avoid taking notes on a computer or smartphone. A notebook appears more professional and traditional.

Give Them a Gift

If you are meeting with a client, they could also be corresponding with other businesses. In other words, you have competition and you have to do everything you can to impress them. After all, you want them to choose you. Of course, this means making sure you are polite and friendly, as well as being able to answer all of their questions and give them the information they need. But, there is something else you can do too.

We are talking about presenting the client with a gift. This can be something related to your business. It can be a gesture that catches them off guard and impresses them. They will appreciate this gesture, and it is unlikely that other businesses will have done this. So, consider carefully what type of gift would be appropriate for this type of business meeting with a new client.

Have a Confident Handshake

A meeting with a client will often start and finish with a handshake. So, this is something that you want to be prepared for. You should practice your handshake so that it is firm and confident. You also want to smile and make eye contact with the customer. These simple gestures are often forgotten. But, they can make a big difference when you are meeting with someone for the first time.

Indeed, a good handshake can make clients feel safe and secure. You can seem like you know what you are doing and are confident about your role in the business. This can make a big difference when you are trying to seal a business deal.

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