6 Lead Generation Tactics You Wish You Knew Earlier

Generation Tactics

Most of the time, businesses prioritize the needs and wants of their customers. From lead generation to customer support, they make sure that they are able to meet their expectations. Some even rely on telemarketing outsourcing in the Philippines to generate leads through cold calling and eventually make more sales. Others outsource expert marketers to handle their digital marketing campaigns as well as other areas they think they’ll need help. If you are a startup, your main priority is to know your target audience and learn how to reach out to them. 

We created a list of lead generation tactics that will surely help you attract your target market and maintain customer retention:

1) Create Smart And Viral Content 

Content is an appropriate method to reach your target audience since ‘viral content’ is more likely to spread through the internet and, in turn, to generate leads, customers and sales for your company.

To accomplish this, you need to create content, preferably useful and meaningful, and promote it until it becomes popular and reaches thousands of users.

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2) Create Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is useful year-round and flexible enough to be referred to for years at a time, which can boost your lead generation efforts by providing worthwhile information to potential prospects. Evergreen content never goes out of style, which makes it perfect for bringing value to potential customers. By creating evergreen content, you can nurture your customer loyalty and secure your leads.

3) Promotional And Sponsored Content 

Another way to secure leads is to use promotional tweets. Although they are sponsored content, they appear as a normal tweet on users timelines. 

Make sure to make your tweets fun and worthwhile while otherwise users won’t be inclined to appreciate them and you will end up on their blocked list. By linking your sponsored content to concrete landing pages, you will maximize its potential for generating leads.

4) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

An effective lead generation process involves the best SEO practices because they can drive organic traffic to your site. SEO relies on two factors: content and on-page factors. The design of a website, blog or landing page must include fresh content and relevant keywords. On the other hand, on-page SEO emphasizes their insertion in the page title, meta description, headlines, etc. 

It may be more cost-effective to outsource your SEO to an agency rather than take on the ongoing process yourself.

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5) Automated Email Marketing 

Marketing automation tools have contributed greatly to lead generation in the field of email marketing. At their core, email marketing automation tools are hybrid email marketing solutions, which aim to improve a business’ marketing efforts through optimization. It generates highly targeted emails in conjunction with your company’s CRM that you can send to your contacts.

One of the most effective channels for generating leads is email, however, it takes a lot of time to manage. Use GetEmail.io to find the email address of anyone, based on their first name, last name, and the domain of their company. 

6) Social Media And Hosting Contests 

Marketers can benefit from a growing amount of information about their target audiences due to the popularity of social channels. It is possible to reach out and acquire leads through setting up an online presence on a variety of social channels. You can find email addresses from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

In this case, marketing via social media is a far preferable alternative to writing 2000-word weekly blog posts. Hosting irresistible contests on Facebook can greatly help boost traffic to your website and nurture leads.


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