Business A Comprehensive Guide to Scheduling: Meeting Space, Rooms and...

A Comprehensive Guide to Scheduling: Meeting Space, Rooms and More with Communication


The scheduling process can be a huge time-suck for employees, and it’s often the cause of lost productivity. Hot desking software is an easy way to meet all your scheduling needs without the hassle. Hot desking software makes room booking incredibly easy with an interface that allows you to search rooms by availability, capacity, and more! Not only does hot desking software make desk reservation simple – it also comes equipped with many tools that will help you improve your business processes as well. For example:

● It has integrated calendars so every member of staff knows who they are meeting next or what event they have coming up in the future;

● You can send out messages about upcoming events or meetings using their integrated chat system;

● Hot desking software has a team calendar so all the company’s events and meetings are in one place.

If you need help with your scheduling needs, don’t hesitate to reach out! We have years of experience helping companies like yours and we would love to help create an efficient solution that meets all your business needs.

The post will offer tips for streamlining space bookings — it could be messy at first but then becomes second nature if done every day or week as well as provide information about booking meeting spaces using hot desk software which is much more efficient than traditional methods because everything can be done on a computer screen instead of having paperwork go back and forth constantly. The article also offers advice for those who don’t have a meeting space of their own.

It can be difficult to find the time and place for all your meetings, but with Hotdesk’s help this task becomes easier. Hotdesk is an online reservation system which allows you to book meeting rooms in advance so that they are available when it comes time for the event. With just two clicks on our website or app, anyone at any company size can easily reserve a desk or room without needing multiple emails back and forth between departments – saving them both time and money!

Hot Desk offers three types of account levels: standard, pro & enterprise; each designed to suit different business needs with varying price points based on how many events/rooms someone books.

Standard: includes a basic Hot Desk account, where you can book one room at any given time. This is the most affordable option and pays for itself within just two events booked with Hotdesk! Pro: provides unlimited access to all rooms on our platform (saving your company money!), as well as features like booking in-person check-in at an event space or pop up shops; plus more opportunities for discounts and promotions. Enterprise: offers everything from Standard + so much more that it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for something extra special!

HotDesk makes scheduling offsite meetings easier than ever before – contact us today to learn how we can make your life even better by making meeting spaces of their own.

Hotdesk, a platform that lets your company manage and sell access to all of the meeting spaces you use. It’s affordable and easy to set up! Pro: no need for account managers or booking assistants because our software does it for you; plus, we provide discounts based on how many people in an organization are subscribed (saving money!). Enterprise: perfect if you want more features like marketing campaigns targeted at specific companies.

HotDesk is available as both a SaaS solution – meaning it can be hosted by anyone with their own servers – or as an on-premise solution which requires installation onsite. Contact us today and let’s find out what works best for you!


If you’re looking for a way to improve your business processes and reduce the time-sink that is the scheduling process, then hot desking software might be just what you need! Using this type of software will provide clarity on who’s available in each room at any given moment. It also comes with many other tools such as integrated calendars which makes it easy to find out when people are free. We can help you learn more about how hot desk software could work for your company – contact us today!

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