Business Are HP Laptops under Extended Warranty Worth Buying?

Are HP Laptops under Extended Warranty Worth Buying?


One of the most efficient and dependable devices to own today is a laptop. For businessmen, professionals and even home-makers, important data related to work, and life in general, is stored on laptops. If you work from your home, a laptop is a boon. When you go out in search of one, you will want to buy a laptop that suits your needs, budget-wise and work-wise. 

Another thing you should look for is durability and lastability. What if something goes wrong? Will it be fixable? These are some of the questions worth considering when you are buying an HP laptop — or any laptop for that matter. If you are working from your home, either as a part of a global team, or as most people are today due to the current pandemic, the last thing you would want is your laptop to malfunction. 

Standard Warranty

If you’ve recently purchased a new laptop, but aren’t sure about the status of your warranty, you can check HP warranty for free from the brand’s website. For instance, if it has been less than a year since you’ve owned an HP laptop, and you’ve experienced a problem, you can go to the HP website and find out about the status of the standard warranty. Apple, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung and HP are some popular brands that provide repair services in case your laptop fails in any way. They will repair your laptop for free within the warranty period, in case the damage is due to a manufacturing defect.

In the event you need a warranty check up, you need to note down the serial number of the device. After this, you will have to log  on to the website of the manufacturer and go to the page that deals with warranty information. Most websites will have options to fill in your specific laptop serial number, and then you will need to submit this information. 

Extended Warranty

There’s no telling when a laptop might malfunction; it has a mind of its own in the best of times! Still, you will be protected against damages if you opt for the facility of an extended warranty for laptop. This is clearly beneficial as it secures your laptop for a few more years, lowering costs and additional expenses in case something goes wrong after your regular warranty has expired. It is well worth going for this option, and many computer brands like HP, Dell, Lenovo and Apple provide options with different tenures of extended warranty periods that kick in after your regular one-year warranty period expires. You can get the extended warranty for your HP laptop by purchasing the HP Care Pack on the HP website, or calling their customer support services. Third-party services also exist that offer extended warranties, and these are good to explore as well, as they give you additional benefits. 

HP Laptop Extended Warranty

If you have bought a new HP laptop, you can choose to have the company’s own extended warranty for laptops. Called “HP Care Pack”, it lets you have an extended period of warranty for 2 to 5 years, and covers facilities such as exchange on the next business day, remote malfunction support and diagnostics, while there are no hidden costs and deductible fees. This is enhanced protection for your laptop, which will give you great service and peace of mind. 

Alternatively, through Bajaj Finserv Extended Warranty service, you can opt for a 3-year extended warranty, and is an IRDA approved plan, which is a regulatory body assuring you of the highest service standards. You can buy this extended warranty within six months of purchasing your HP laptop. 

With the extended warranty offered by Bajaj Finserv, you can avail of cashless service at various authorized repair centres, and not worry about your laptop’s durability and reliable operation even after the expiration of the standard brand warranty.


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