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When one talks about high-performance cars the subject usually revolves around the power of motors and acceleration speeds. This is true whether or not you own a top of the range street motoring model or a competitive sports type vehicle. Car enthusiasts always want to make the most out of their cars. On the other side of the coin is stopping power.

What speeds up must be able to slow down too or you are in trouble. So, what brakes you have on your car, especially high-performance vehicles is very important. What distinguishes high-performance cars from the more mundane models is not only their power but their response too. Fingertip and foot sensitive control is essential for competitive driving or for muscle cars. Brakes-Shop technology is a must for the stopping power that you need, whether on track, road or dirt.

High-Performance braking technology

Brakes-Shop is the main European distributor for Advanced Performance Parts; acknowledged leaders when it comes to brake technology. They also carry GiroDisc, StopTech and Centric systems and parts. These products outperform all the standard fittings of all the top European vehicle manufacturers. Whether replacing or changing your braking system, this is the company to consult for the best performance braking systems in the industry.

Which brakes should you choose?

  • Brakes-Shop offers the Big Brake Kit. These are manufactured to be fitted to touring, race and sports cars, so they a versatile choice. Depending on which you need, they come with Aero Rotors or Aero Hats that are designed to add over 60% more airflow. These provide greater heat dissipation capacity due to the increased airflow. The Aero vanes produce the optimum in brake cooling which in turn helps maintain an even braking performance and longer-lasting pad and rotor lifespan. They are also coated with a zinc plating to cut down on rust and other types of corrosion.
  • Another kind of replacement parts at Brakes-Shop are Rotor Kits. The sports version comes with one rotor, while the others come with two. Both sets are designed to maximise cooling. These slotted or cross-drilled rotors help prevent debris build-up between the pads and the discs giving an overall improvement in both wet and dry braking. Less heat build-up ensures greater braking power and initial bite.
  • The brake pads themselves are another important consideration. As any driver knows, braking components wear out, so you need to look for reliability and even wear in your pads. Such things as debris, balance and temperature can all affect the performance of your braking system.

Recommendations for you car

Before any recommendations from Brake-Shop you will be asked to take a driving conditions assessment to help get the best type of components for your car. For the best high-performance braking systems contact them at their website for further consultation.

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