Business BS6 Toyota Innova Crysta 2.4 AT Review

BS6 Toyota Innova Crysta 2.4 AT Review


The Toyota Innova Crysta has been a rather expensive proposition ever since its launch, and the recent switch to the new BS6 has only further bumped up the price. For this 2020 model, the pricier 2.8-litre engine has been replaced with a 2.4-litre diesel mill, that comes paired to a 6-speed torque converter automatic gearbox.

Familiar face

The BS6 Innova Crysta looks absolutely the same from the outside with the huge grille, flanked by wraparound projector headlights, a vast bonnet, mildly flared wheel arches, that typical MPV silhouette and the stylish L-shaped tail lights at the rear.

Plush and roomy

The cabin remains beautifully put together and the comfortable seats can be had in two colour themes on higher variants. But it doesn’t feature Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and that’s a bit disappointing. You can also choose between a 7-seat or 8-seat seating configuration. You get captain chairs on the 7-seater. The seats at the front are wide and comfortable and offer great support. The second row is roomy and the chairs can slide forward and backward and can be reclined as well. The third row has you sit with your knees high up, but is moderately comfortable. Room for luggage has improved too. There are lots of cubby holes around as well. The Toyota cars large cabin is a perfect fit for large Indian families.

Torque of the town

The 2.4-litre engine is rather quiet at low revs, and there’s a good amount of grunt at low and medium engine speeds. It isn’t as responsive as the older 2.8-litre engine, but it does surge ahead rather seamlessly. The 6-speed automatic shifts quickly, making it rather easy to use in the city. Thanks to the torque on offer, it pulls well too. Performance is always at your disposal, and it loves overtaking and never feels stressed on. The gearbox also comes with an ‘S’ mode, and pushing the gear lever up or down triggers the sequential mode, thus not allowing the gears to shift up on its own.

On the road

The ride quality is on the plush side and it soaks in bumps extremely well. It does feel a bit unnerved on the rough stuff, but that’s probably due to the 17-inch wheels. The Crysta stays planted at composed at high speeds, making the passengers feel at ease. The steering, however, is heavy at slow speeds and feels rather vague and lifeless at high speeds. The MPV exhibits loads of body roll around corners; it’s not a car that likes being hurried and driven like a driver’s car.


With the BS6 2.4-litre diesel engine paired to the 6-speed auto gearbox, this makes for a very practical MPV. The engine is powerful, the ride continues to be great and its luxurious interior can’t be ignored. At ₹ 23.63 lakh (ex-showroom), it isn’t cheap, but Toyota’s bullet proof reliability should win your heart over. Also, grab the latest info on the upcoming cars, only at autoX.


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