Business Does Employee Monitoring Encourages Performance or Kills Privacy?

Does Employee Monitoring Encourages Performance or Kills Privacy?


This question always confuses employers. It is a matter of time to decide on which employee monitoring app should you be using. However, convincing yourself could take a lot of time.

Every employee looks for development. They want to grow, have a higher remuneration, and more benefits. Even employers want to develop their businesses every other day. One of the reasonable ways the employers consider to enhance productivity is through monitoring. Monitoring the employees have plenty of benefits. However, some employers even think that would monitoring boost productivity?

They think that it might kill the privacy of their team members. Well, there is a thin line between monitoring and trespassing into the privacy of someone with the employee monitoring apps. Though, monitoring is the right of the employers, peeking into the private life of an employee is a violation.

Employee Monitoring:

Monitoring the employees is not a new activity for employers. For centuries, employers have been monitoring the employees. The only thing that has changed is the method of monitoring. Indeed, till the present age, it is one of the essentials of doing business. Even it will remain necessary in the future as well.

Well, the questions employers are asked to confuse them. The employers that have fair intentions even begin to think that it might be an illegal activity. If keeping an eye on the privacy of someone is illegal, then of course this might also not be allowed. No! That is not the case with employee monitoring.

As said, there is a difference between monitoring and trespassing into private life, but the difference is like a thin line.

You actually should look into the facts. Why do you need to monitor employees? Because monitoring helps in enhancing productivity. Unless you monitor your team you will never learn about their weaknesses. They will keep on performing the same way and you may not be able to help them. The only solution to that is monitoring. When you monitor your teams with OgyMogy, you can see everything they do. Like what they write in the email, how are the pitching sales and how are they chatting with the client. All such data can let you train your team and strengthen their skills.

Understanding the Necessity of Employee Monitoring and Legality:

First of all, you should know that employee monitoring is a legal activity. You can monitor what your employees do on the work premises. Also, you can monitor their activities using business devices. Further, all you need (which is said to be non-mandatory) to tell the employees that they will be monitored.

Now coming to the necessities!

Why is it so important to consider employee monitoring in the present age when there are so many performance tracking tools available? Indeed, there are plenty of reasons for that.

The standard performance tracking tools only track the work done. They do not record the performance. Instead, they only analyze the completed task and score the performer. On the other hand, the employee monitoring apps like OgyMogy present the real-time record of the employees’ performances. For instance, what websites they opened during work hours, who they sent a private message using the office messenger, and what did they write in the email. When you have these details, you can save your business from several digital threats. That include:

  • Data breaching and intellectual property theft
  • Shirk working
  • Sexual harassment
  • Damage to the business repute to benefit a rival

And many others!

The list of threats is indeed quite long, and it is expanding rapidly. Soon as there is a new technology out, hackers and cybercriminals pave a way to damage the business more badly.

Well, with the growing number of threats, it is essential to prevent your business from loss. Also, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your employees.

Certainly, you now easily understand why so many businesses are moving towards employee monitoring. However, one of the confusion remains! 

Does employee monitoring encourage privacy trespassing?

Killing the Privacy:

Once again we should tell you that trespassing the privacy and monitoring the employees have a thin line between them. With the permission of the employees, you can monitor their devices. In the process, if you jump into the private gallery of the employee, you can put yourself into trouble. Indeed, think twice before monitoring the devices that your employees own.


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