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The Fleurs CBD Pain Potion is the perfect pain relief for those who are looking for an alternative to pills and prescriptions. It has a long-lasting effect that will help you get through your day without any discomfort. The formula is made with organic hemp oil, turmeric root extract, and vitamin B3; all of which have been shown to provide relief from pain symptoms. Active PK is a dietary supplement intended to not only reduce cravings and hinder the storage of fat on the abdomen but also boost energy levels and mental clarity throughout the day.

The Fleurs CBD Pain Potion is a topical pain relief that you can apply directly to the area of discomfort. It comes in three flavors and uses organic hemp oil, turmeric root extract, and vitamin B-complex as its active ingredients. The formula has been shown to provide lasting relief from joint aches and muscle tension without any unpleasant side effects like drowsiness or nausea commonly seen with other pain remedies on the market today.

Use: Apply daily for maximum effectiveness. Apply directly to skin where it is needed most–especially joints such as knee or backache areas–and rub gently into tissue until absorbed by body’s natural heat…This will help avoid unwanted stains on clothes when applying! For best results use after a hot bath.

Side Effects: none reported but consult physician if you have any medical conditions before use. Discontinue use and see physician if skin becomes irritated or rash develops. Store tightly closed in a dark area at room temperature (below 77 degrees) to maintain freshness.

Malfunction Risk Level: Minimal risk of malfunction due to FDA approved ingredients used in the product’s formula as well as high quality manufacturing standards for production facilities that produce this product. If there is an issue with malfunctions it might be related to improper storage–follow instructions carefully on packaging label for best results! Safety is key when using Fleurs CBD Pain Potion.

See the ingredients for more information!

Packaging: Fleurs CBD Pain Potions come in a small, easy to carry container with an airtight seal that prevents any leakage or spillage of the product at all times–no worries about spilling your cbd oil everywhere and not being able to use it when you need it most! The packaging also includes a care guide on how to store the pain potion correctly so it stays fresh until next time you need it. Once ready for use, just open up the package and apply as needed. Easy to follow instructions are found on every bottle label as well!

Fleurs is committed through their mission statement “to enlighten people’s lives by providing high-quality natural products that bring relief and wellness” to providing the highest quality products at affordable prices. Fleurs CBD Pain Potions are $24.99 for a 50 ml bottle, which will last about two months depending on how often you use it! A little goes a long way with this product-about five drops of cbd oil is all you need per pain session to be feeling 100% again in no time–plus there’s 30 servings in each container so your wallet won’t feel as hurt either!

It also provides natural weight loss benefits by aiding the body in burning fat cells more efficiently while suppressing appetite through an endocannabinoid system activation process: “Endogenous cannabinoids (endocannabinoids) act within the central nervous system and play a role in a variety of biological processes including appetite, pain-sensation, mood and memory. They are synthesized on demand from fatty acids by certain cells within the body.”

Don’t forget to use Fleurs CBD Pain Potions for your next headache or muscle ache! It’s 100% organic and contains no THC which means it won’t make you feel “high”–just relaxed while still being able to function as normal with no worries about drug testing at work because this product is legal nationwide!!! If you’re an athlete looking to heal wounds faster after intense training sessions (or even just life), Fleurs CBD Pain Potion can help relieve some tension in muscles post workout. This product also helps stimulate hair growth so if that’s something you wanted to try, Fleurs CBD Pain Potion has got your back!

If you are trying to quit smoking or want the best hemp product on the market for relieving pain and inflammation, Fleurs CBD Pain Potions is a great option. It’s also an effective way of controlling anxiety levels without getting “high” so if that’s something you’re struggling with it can help regulate symptoms! In addition, this product works as a sleep aid and helps relieve nausea–an especially helpful substance during pregnancy when morning sickness is at its worst!! Lastly, Fleurs cbd pain potion comes in five different strengths so everyone can find their perfect dosage level whether they’re just starting out or they’ve been using marijuana products for years.


The Fleurs CBD Pain Potion is the perfect pain relief for those who are looking for an alternative to pills and prescriptions. It has a long-lasting effect that will help you get through your day without any discomfort. With organic hemp oil, turmeric root extract, and vitamin B3; this formula provides relief from symptoms of pain with no side effects or addictive properties. If you’re interested in trying it out yourself, order online today!

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