Business Get to understand the integrated digital marketing approach in...

Get to understand the integrated digital marketing approach in today’s business development


Marketing takes different dimensions and a part is what we call it as integrated Marketing. It focuses on creating multidimensional approaches and also comes out with different kinds of Grand experiences for the end users. The marketing type we use in our own business development should really be concentrated in higher terms because nowadays the olden form of the brick and mortar style called television media or through print forms are not creating any greater impact than the digital aspect today. Everything has come into a concept of reinforcement, that is we need to focus on brand building. Companies have to concentrate on integrating every kind of marketing technique and also need to focus on what is effective in the integration marketing. It is comprehensive that integrated Marketing strategy confirms the business promotion which results in brand popularity amidst the competitive situation. 

Traditional ways of marketing options are in the innovation transformation because we need to be very creative in attracting the customers’ walk-in. Companies come out with Marketing options to get the attention of the customers. Yet the challenging aspect for the company is to have a multidimensional approach and have to deal correctly with the customer. We do have varieties of channels options, customers and product deliverance yet marketing the product and service has its own complexity when we have this integration scenario.

Meaning of integrated Marketing

Marketing options need to be chosen in a particular way because it’s going to be a great investment from the marketing point of view. When we choose integrated Marketing it has its own unique way of approaching the audiences’ views directly and we can combine the feedback and change according to the marketing world. Whatever approach we choose, it is persistently going to understand the view of the customers and also reviews the change by deploying it.

Reason for choosing integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing has the unique purpose of bringing every important parameter of marketing. It communicates a convenient message about the organisation to the consumers. It involves minimal cost of marketing and has a powerful way of creating brand awareness among the end users. The direct interaction with the customer is what we call here about the potentiality of integrated Marketing. Assistance establishing the customers trusts because it creates an effective message by having an effective impact. Integrated marketing comes out with various tools like advertisement, direct marketing, promotions, digital marketing and many more. Everything is observed in the performance aspect because inclusion of every strategy is going to create a healthy relationship among the customers.

  • It saves time as we are efficient in identifying the best marketing tool
  • It delivers a common message to every customer
  • This kind of marketing creates loyalty among the customers
  • It has different types of tools blended to create better outcome
  • Integrated methods are used to convey the message
  • Organizations brand visibility is optimized

Marketing campaigns through integrated approaches productive in search ranking concept

Marching towards integrated Marketing

Every company is technically advancing and also requiring the deployment of marketing campaigns by having several media channels. Consumers primarily have started to use smart phones and they get information about the companies as well as the brands and services. It is not only to do with mobile but other kinds of gadgets also play some kinds of roles. We do have various kinds of platforms creating a company’s reputation in a big way and online marketing has taken its own stand. It is in fact coming as a rebranding option where we need to establish different kinds of communication processes by inculcating various options and various platforms.

There are challenges in marketing yet integrated Marketing seems to be one of the effective methods and also create significant impact in media fragmentation. The exposure of integrated Marketing is humongous in nature yet the smart marketing team drives through different kinds of compelling marketing options to create brand promotion.

Integrated Marketing campaign components

Various media channels are starting to incorporate the marketing options because it has started targeting the specified audiences and the users so that the marketing campaigns can become successful. Those who are interested to promote the business or to retain the consumers have to implement an integrated Marketing approach. Companies started to gain multi millions and also need to strategize their marketing options by having integrated Marketing concepts. It’s not that company can stick only to the old way of doing business but the integrated Marketing process has different options and different benefits

Integrated Marketing process

  • The basic steps to explore the targeted audience and definitely needs for fulfilling the marketing option
  • Next step of identifying the audience analytical approach is needed where every company deposit on an article pattern for the fundamental analysis here is SWOT
  • Determine the objective and strategies
  • As a final step you need to deploy the right tactics by deciding the effective options and budgets

Integrated Marketing outcomes

  • Brand image of the company would be rising high
  • Audiences requirements can be represented and the brand can focus on it
  • Brands vision can be maintained
  • Optimising the media platforms for brand promotion
  • Driving the result of marketing campaigns

Integrated Marketing approaches

Companies have started to incorporate the approaches but you are we need to select the right one and find below what kind of strategies we can choose

  1. Advertisement

Service providers use this option in order to boost up the brand image and create a visual impact in the mind of the audiences. Customers trust the advertisements of the company which appears that through television or newspaper

  1. Sales promotion

As it comes with good deals like coupons, offers definitely attract the customer towards the brand. This is of highly linear delineating to the sales growth of the business

  1. Personal approach

Advertisements can be a base for personal selling and we need to focus on how face to face interaction can be one of the effective ways to choose

4.  Public relations

This is one of challenging job but still getting the customer and retaining them into your business zone is one of the interactive options to be noted and that public relations can do well

5.  Direct marketing

Depending upon the product nature you can directly market through email, internet communication, telephone to acquire and retain customers.

6.  Event planning

Customer engagement is one of the important concepts of any brands and businesses that need to develop event planning in order to boost the brand image.

7.  Social media options

One of the hot topics in trending is social media marketing and mostly social media is acting as the business boost which needs to be properly utilized. Every company comes out with different kinds of approach but social media marketing seems to be the top as fit as many mobile users are noted and advertisements through online digital marketing course videos can create a greater impact in social media marketing

8.  Mobile dealing

Mobile phones, smartphones are the increasing factors for marketing trends where a sample text message for communicating over the phone calls can definitely contribute for sales growth


Understanding integrated Marketing from this article would have been a simple concept as it needs different kinds of approaches and techniques to be learnt while experiencing the outcome. Being in the competitive market we cannot ignore integrated Marketing because it’s going to be a remarkable factor for boosting the sales of your organization. If you feel that you are also interested to learn this integrated Marketing strategy then you need to enrol in the right digital marketing course in chennai where they would definitely help you to understand the comprehensive pattern of integrated Marketing through digital options


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