Blog How Australian Pokies (Live and Online) Work

How Australian Pokies (Live and Online) Work


Poker machines and slot video games are popular in most casinos across our planet. In a particular country, they are not only popular in casinos but also in clubs, pubs, and any other establishment. This country is Australia, and the Aussies love these gambling games so much so that they have a pet name for them: “pokies”. 

The world capital of poker players is in Australia and almost every citizen has a form of addiction to these games. To show you how high the addiction level is, the government is looking for ways to curb the addiction level. Interestingly, they’ve failed to even do that. If you are battling a gambling addiction, read this article to learn how to overcome the urges.

Pokies are so widespread that they are even played online these days. Right from the time of their first release, they became very popular. Hence, many prefer to play online games these days. Still, this hasn’t caused Australia to lose its spot as the nation with the highest number of live slots players. 

While live and online pokies might have the same underlying playing rules and principles, their returns are different. Hence, in this article, we will reveal to you how pokies work for both live and online slots. 

Before we look at that, let’s examine the most common types of Australian online pokies…

Most Common Types of Australian Online Pokies

The following games are the most common due to their popularity:

1. Video Poker

The term “pokie” was originally used for poker machines alone before it was then used for slots video games and other gambling machines that came after. Hence, developers understand the emotional attachment players have to this game which is why they have created poker games that can be played online. Although they aren’t the most popular type, they are still fun to play and can create a bit of nostalgia for older players who played the live pokers. 

2. Classic Slots

Most folks commonly call these games online pokies since they were the first type of slot machines that came after the original poker machines. These pieces of equipment are designed with 3 reels and 1payline or more; the maximum is usually 5. These paylines are spread across 9 slots on the 3 reels. 

3. Video Slots

These are the most popular of the lot since they come in all forms of gameplays, topics, as well as winning opportunities. Hence, most folks end up playing different games that still fall under this type. 

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How Pokies Work

As we said earlier, the basic rules and principles for both live and online pokies are the same with just a little difference which we will discuss as we continue. 

Many people who are skeptical about the entire gameplay think that the games are fixed. This is not true because the games are indeed random. With every single spin, the computerdecides once you spin the game. 

Despite the randomness of the gameplay, the programming of these slots is designed to return to the player less money than they get. In other words, no matter how long and how many times you play, you’ll end up losing. 

This is where the difference is between live and online pokies. For live slots, you lose 20% of the total money you wager. In other words, you lose 20% of the money you put in. This amount is highly ridiculous when you compare it to other games in gambling such as roulette or blackjack where you lose about 3% of your wager.

Online slots, on the other hand, aren’t that greedy. At most, you’ll lose a maximum of 4% of your wager as the slots are designed to return more than 95% of your total wager to you. In other words, if you wager$100, you might lose $4 and get $96 back. 

While that might not look to be so much of a big deal, the loss rate becomes more significant the higher you play. Hence, if for any reason, you choose to wager let’s say you wager $800, there is the possibility of losing $32. 

Despite the above negative expectations, it is still possible to win with a bit of luck. You could end up having each game swing in your favor. Those who win are those who get individual wins which they cash in within a few rounds instead of playing for long. Sometimes, someone can get very lucky, and pay out a massive jackpot that can easily cover previous losses with one spin alone. Visit to learn how to increase your luck.

The bottom line is that the chances of losing are higher than the chances of winning. However, you can still get occasional wins here and there. To ensure you understand all that we have discussed so far, here is a summary for you:

i. The pokies are indeed random: The technology that is used to generate the combinationsis random.

ii. The slots aren’t fixed: Dealers don’t have to make the slots fixed because they are programmed to collect your money since they have a negative return to player (RTP).

iii. You don’t get due to win: These machines do not operate in the manner that will pay you for your consistency in playing. So, you shouldn’t expect to win soon simply because you’ve been losing. You could keep on losing or catch a quick break because all the spins are random. 

iv. Pokies are programmed to win: The more you play, the higher the likelihood that you will end uplosing badly. The machines are designed to function this way. Hence, to limit how much you lose, reduce your playtime, reduce your bets, and maintain a fixed bankroll. 

v. Pokies are for fun: As much as they are designed to take your money, they are also designed to entertain you. Therefore, play them for fun while sticking to your financial limits. 

To enjoy more pokies without spending too much to play, you can check online for free games that can be played without risking real money. Free pokies are only available online and not live.


Many have had different opinions regarding how pokies work. In the article above, we have debunked some of those opinions that are false and revealed how these machines work for both live and online pokies. 

Pokies are meant to be fun; hence, we advise that you enjoy them as such rather than risking your finance a great deal. You can do this if you follow some of the tips we shared in the article.

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