How do I choose a moving company for my office?

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There are many aspects to consider when the beat comes to shifting your office. Choosing the ideal company will help you move your office fruitfully without attacking office productivity and save you lots of money and headaches. Office movers in Dubai or in big cities should be chosen wisely.

Experienced mover companies have experts that have experience handling office stuff like furniture and copiers and have proper tools to relocate them from point A to point B. 

Here are a few guidelines to consider before choosing a moving company:

Years of Experience:

Let’s face it; there are many frauds out there in the name of moving companies. Those who are inexperienced in moving and the only reason someone hires them is that they charge less money than experienced ones.

But think of it that they will charge less money but will break or damage something like that new printer you have just bought, and you were about to take out beautiful prints, and shifting comes. So it’s crucial to invest in professionals.

So how will you find out which company is experienced? 

You can check their history, and if they have a long history, they are the go-to guys. Or another way would be to ask people of other offices where you want to shift that which company you chose for moving.

Always prefer licensed mover:

You have spent years and years building this business, so why rely on any company or van to carry it out. Most companies fall into this first trap and invest in a simply not qualified company, and even worse, vanish when things go wrong.

You can always search for certified office movers in Dubai or any big city, go through their website and pricing, and then choose the best fit for you.

Always go for commercial movers:

Some movers’ companies might ask DIY(do it yourself) move, and the pricey equipment of your office is now in the hands of your employees, who are untrained to do such a task. Even the tiniest of offices have more furniture that a single truck can transfer.

This is where commercial movers play their part; some of their benefits are listed below.

  • Relocation of furniture

Your moving company should handle everything from bulky items like office furniture to a painting on the wall. Make a list of all such things and let the company know all of these items.

  • Employee moving services

If relocating employees is a part of your moving plan, tell the moving company they could offer a discounted employee moving plan.

  • Storeroom and storage services

Big commercial office movers in Dubai and big cities have their warehouses so that big bulky things can be preserved there.

Read their pricing plans:

You need to understand their pricing and terms, if it is the volume or number of hours or on a square foot basis. Also, do ask for the add-on charges, assembling and disassembling the furniture.

Office movers in Dubai and all big cities have their pricing plans.

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