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How to Boost the Immune System Naturally With Panch Tulsi?


Ayurveda is the art and science of living a healthy life. It does a remarkable job to defend against the disease and promotes a prolonged safe life. Herbal products prepared with herb extracts and essential oil has enabled the human being to reverse the worsening health condition. Panch Tulsi has been one of the most beneficial herbs for human health. This accumulation of global organic Ayurveda panch tulsi drops promotes overall health. But, its role to boost the immune system is miraculous. 

The immune system is known as the natural defense shield of the human body. An integral web of cells, tissues and organs mutually work to defend the body against the invaders. Virus, bacteria, parasites and fungus are the invaders that make us sick. An immune system creates the first barrier against these invaders and blocks their entrance in the body. In case, they enter. This barrier produces white blood cells and other chemicals that destroy foreign substances.  

Why do we need an immune booster?

A strong immune system is helpful to protect the body from virus and bacteria caused ailments. It creates a shield against the environmental external germs and pathogens in our daily lives. A weak immune system is responsible for the low quality of life and causes fatal issues for health. Being the first line of defense, it breaks down the chain of a virus, germs to enter in the body. If you frequently get flu or cold, it is a sign of weak immune health. But when you get a red patch or inflammation after mosquito or insect bite, your natural defense is at work and it shows a sign of strong immune health.

Panch Tulsi – A Natural Immune Defensive Herb

This widely found herb is revered as a holy plant and possesses a vital place in the ancient science of Ayurveda. Panch Tulsi is an accumulation of rarely found holy basils such as Shwet, Ram, Van, Kapoor and Shayama Tulsi. 

This global herb accretion helps to maintain a healthy immune system, eliminate free radicals and promote overall health. It provides a natural source to strengthen immunity and treats various hair and skin disorders. This natural antibacterial herb purifies the blood and fights against the infections such as flu, cold and cough. Panch Tulsi is well-known as a perfect herbal remedy to fight against infections, boosts immunity and recover from infections. Enriched with vitamin C, antioxidants, antiseptic and antiviral properties, it helps to boost the overall health.

Benefits of Panch Tulsi Oral Drop 

Promotes Heart Health – Holy Basil is profound to deliver a natural health treatment and prevention of cardiovascular health. Its antioxidant properties lower lipid content, reduces hypertension and lowers the high blood cholesterol. It is also helpful to prevent the formation of clots in the arteries. 

Supports Respiratory System – Immunimodulatory agents of holy basil help to regulate the immune health. It provides relief from the cough through its antitussive enzymes. It has been also beneficial to banish the phlegm from the chest. Being a rich source of anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties, it treats allergic respiratory disorders. 

Maintains Cortisol Level – Cortisol hormones in the brain determines the stress level. Its higher secretion results in more stress and anxiety. Benefits of Panch Tulsi Oral Drop or other form helps to keep this hormone low and calms your mind. Its adaptive nature relaxes the mind and relieves psychological stress.

Treats Indigestion – The antiulcer properties of Panch Tulsi Drops helps to reduce the inflammation and gastric acids. It enhances the stomach’s ability to release mucous, reduces the discomfort and gives relief from indigestion.

Prevents Liver Damage – The hepatoprotective benefits of holy basils increases the production of cytochrome P450 enzymes. These enzymes regulate detoxification and remove metabolic substances from the body. It lowers down the blood sugar and supports liver health.

How to Use Panch Tulsi Drops?

This herbal product is taken by mixing 2-3 drops of Panch Tulsi in a glass of warm water twice a day. 

How to Buy Panch Tulsi Immunity Oral Drops?

Ayurvedic Products Online Shops proffer authenticate and genuine products online at reasonable prices. This approach of buying Ayurvedic products has enabled people to get original products. It gives them an opportunity to find the desired products as per their need and budget. Ayush certified Ayurvedic products are safe to use and beneficial for human health. BIOAYURVEDA’s all health wellness product range is pure organic safe and healthy as this biggest ayurvedic brand ensures No Parabens and Zero Synthetics.


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