How to Build a Gaming Desktop PC


If you are an avid gamer and you are looking to buy a gaming PC on a limited budget, going for a self-build will save you money. You might be thinking that to build a PC is above your station, yet it isn’t as difficult as you might think and if you are up for a challenge, source all the components and self-assemble the PC.

Major Components

There are, of course, many components inside a gaming PC, which are as follows:

  • Mainboard – This is a large circuit board that houses all the peripheral components, such as the CPU, RAM chips, video and sound card. Top manufacturers include Asus and Intel and the specs can vary.
  • Central Processing Unit – CPU for short, this is the heart of the machine and the top manufacturers are Intel with their core i3, i5, i7 and i9 series, while AMD also make good CPUs. If you want a gaming machine that really sings, you should be looking at the Intel core i9, or the AMD AM4 Ryzen 7. Most experts will give you a thumbs up for CPU Intel, which are said to be the best value for money.
  • Sound Card – Most mainboards come with sound onboard, but if you want the best digital sound, choose one of Creative’s cards.
  • Video Card – The VGA is a critical piece of kit for a gamer and GEFORCE offers high performance at fair prices. The GEFORCE RTX 3060 is a great graphics card that offers high refresh rates and super-fast performance.
  • Random Access Memory – Every computer needs RAM chips and the latest versions are DDR4 and DDR5; 2x8Gb chips would be ample, although if you want lightning response, 2x16Gb RAM chips is top of the range. Always make sure that your mainboard has adequate RAM slots, which might be 2 or 4. Click here for a list of websites to browse at the weekend.
  • Power Supply – A 600W unit would be ideal for a regular desktop and the units start at 550W and go right up to 1500W; if you are unsure, ask the online supplier, who can match the power supply to your configuration. Antec are one of the best brands on the market.
  • The CPU Case – The case holds all the components and ideally, you want a case with multiple cooling fans and stylish LED lights; Antec are a major manufacturer of gaming CPU cases, while Asus also has a nice line.
  • Peripherals – You will need a digital screen, a keyboard and a mouse to complete your gaming setup and we recommend getting a kit that is designed for gaming.

The only other items you will need is cooling paste and a few cable ties and by following the instructions, you can build your new gaming PC and install Windows 10. The only thing you need now is a gaming chair; best brands include Razer, EGA and Predator.Make sure you have some form of cyber-security in place when you are online, as hackers are everywhere and we hope you enjoy your self-assembled gaming computer.


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