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How to Choose the Right Fur Friend Among Many Dog Breeds


Dogs are some of the most common pets around the world. They are good company and can also protect you from a lot of dangers. In the past, they were mainly kept for security purposes. 

Hybrids such as Terrier were developed with attributes that would enable them to root out rodents and medium-sized animals from their hiding places. Today, they still have their natural instincts as watchdogs, but most people just keep them as pets. 

To be able to get the right breed for yourself, there are some factors that you ought to consider. Here are some of them in these guides for dogs below.

  • Maintenance needs

Before you decide to get the pet you must first determine whether you can carter to their maintenance needs. Although dogs don’t have a lot of needs like human beings, you might still find it hard to meet some of those requirements depending on your lifestyle. 

For example, some canines need constant supervision due to their destructive nature. To channel this energy elsewhere it is recommended that you give them ample playtime and this might be an issue, especially, if you are always at work from morning to evening. 

Even for those that are calm and stay on their own for a long time you will still need to take them out regularly for walks or runs to give them the amount of exercise required.

Hairy breeds need proper grooming to remove the debris entangled in their hair and pests hiding underneath. Unless you can afford professional grooming services every once in a while, you should not go for such pets.

  • Preference

You shouldn’t get a pet just for the sake of it. Consider your preferences first in terms of their appearance and behavior. 

This will make the maintenance part easier for you since you already know what to expect and are prepared for it. If you are getting the dog as a gift for someone else then you should find out what they like in advance. 

Consider details such as color, size, length, and gender. In terms of behavior, you should know that breeds such as the Cairn Terrier don’t get along well with smaller animals like hamsters. They are also likely to dig up your garden if left unattended.

  • Training

If you’ve acquired an untrained dog then you should schedule a visit to a trainer. The expert will train them to be well-mannered and get along well with others. 

An untrained dog won’t know when and where they can relieve themselves hence will only make your work difficult. It is also likely to bite someone and get you in trouble as the owner. 

Thus, training is very important not only for you but also for the wellbeing of the pet. You should make sure that the trainer is certified and knows what they are doing. 

Go for those who have vast experience because they have a deeper understanding of the job. See this link to read on how you can train your dog 

  • Age

Some people like puppies while others prefer full-grown canines that have already been trained. Still, there is a limit to the ages that can be acquired from a breeder. 

Most professionals prefer to hold onto the animals until they are strong enough to be on their own and can eat solid food. If you take the puppy away from its mother too early then chances are that it will be too weak to take care of itself and will be vulnerable to lots of dangers. 

The advantage of getting older canines is that they are already trained hence don’t require much work. They are also capable of defending themselves from other animals. 

  • Health

To avoid regular visits to the vet you should go for hardy types that are resistant to diseases. These are likely to survive even during outbreaks of infectious illnesses. 

It is also important to make sure that the breeder has adhered to all the health regulations such as vaccinating the dog. Ask to see the health certificate and other relevant documents. 

To be sure that the pet is free of any complications you should have a test done on them by a certified professional. Inspect the coat to see if there is any sign of illness. You should also have the dog sprayed to get rid of parasites that might be hiding under the fur.

  • Price

This varies depending on lots of factors. Some are more expensive than others because of their attributes. The expenses incurred for services such as vaccination, medical tests, and chipping also contributes towards the total cost. 

That being said, you should stay away from those that are being sold too cheap. Chances are that they are stolen, have some illness, or have not undergone the vital medical test and vaccination. 

This can turn out to be disastrous later. You can also decide to adopt from a legal center for stray pets. Click here to read more.


There is a wide variety of dog breeds available today. They have different characteristics hence one should be careful when choosing to make sure they pick the right one. Consider important factors such as preference, health, maintenance needs, training, price, and age. You should also make sure that you comply with all the legal requirements. Have the canine trained and vaccinated to ensure that it doesn’t bite anyone and in the unfortunate event that it does then there will be no transmission of rabies. Follow the proper channels when acquiring one.

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