How to Convert JPG to PDF on Linux


In this article, we will show how to convert images from PDF format from JPG in a simple manner. If you are looking to perform the reverse procedure, you might consider using the command-line program known as pdfimages, which can dump the images that are contained in PDF format to JPEG format. What we’re seeking in this article is exactly the opposite and is to convert from JPG to PDF using the help of a simple program as we’ll be able to discover. There are web pages that perform this kind of conversion completely online and at no cost …

To perform this kind of conversion, we have to install the program within our preferred distribution Imagemagick and the version called gscan2pdf according to whether we prefer the command line option or the graphic method. The installation process is simple enough it is as simple as you utilize the package management tools employed by the distribution that you’re using, and then install the package using the name the instructions below after which it is now time to go through the steps that you need see more to take to convert any or all JPG photos into PDF.

Convert JPG to PDF using command line:

If you’ve selected using the command-line option, and installed the imagemagick program then after installing it you’ll be able to access a range of very useful commands and tools. We will use the command “convert” to convert. It actually offers a variety of options, therefore I suggest that you read the instructions.

The most basic step that we’re looking for in this guide, is to carry out the conversion to the directory in which the image or images are. As an example, suppose that we wish to convert all images within the directory / home to PDF, or only one.

In the first case, all JPEG images are transferred to PDF at the same time, but in the second, there is only one specific image that is matched to the name. You can also apply compression by using an + compression, + rotate command for the ability to turn your image according to the number of degrees you have specified as a parameter. For example, you could make the image rotate 90 degrees, and include compression using one of the commands below:

JPEG Conversion of JPEG into PDF with an interface that is graphic:

In the event that we already have the Gscan2PDF program Let’s look at the process is very easy. The steps include:

We can open the gscan2pdf.

We then add the images or we choose the directory in which the images we’d like to convert are.

After adding them, we are able to alter their order by drag them away from the main screen of the application, or from the pictures that appear on the left.

After placing the order in place, you can then click”Save” to save the order. Save to save the order.

The screen will then show up where we can choose several choices that include changing your PDF’s metadata. You can also add the name, date and type, author, source and so on. It isn’t necessary to fill these in if you don’t need them. The most important thing is to select All if you would like to convert all images into PDF pages. And as the output format select PDF. PDF as it is compatible with different types of formats …

We accept HTML0 and will then generate the PDF with our photos.

I hope this article has been helpful to you. If you have additional ideas or concerns don’t forget to write your feedback


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