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Hair tattooing is a new trend that recently has been taking off, quickly becoming one of the most popular tattoos in the world. Hair tattoo are often easy to conceal and even harder to remove, so they’re perfect for getting your name or someone else’s on your body.

For more than 30 years, tattoo artists have been using hair as a material for tattoos. This started with just doing dots and lines but has now evolved into elaborate designs and patterns that cover all kinds of different skin colors, shapes, and sizes.

This is how it works:

Hair is removed from the back of the head. The individual strands are then sterilized and prepared for placement on the skin. A stencil of the design to be tattooed is then placed on top of where the hair will be implanted into. The tattoo gun with a needle attachment equipped with a hollow needle capable of putting ink into the follicles without puncturing through them is used, depending on whether or not you want to have an outline or just color. Then, the technician places each follicle at a certain depth underneath your skin, according to where you want it positioned in your body. He then places the needle into the follicle and draws up the ink. It can take as little as three minutes to finish a tattoo, but this is dependent on how big your design is. The technician then removes the hair from where it has been implanted into your skin and cleans it, disinfects it, and sterilizes it one more time before you leave the clinic.

The process of hair tattooing isn’t too complicated, but what makes this tattooing job unique is that you must be 100% ready for it. There’s no going back if you change your mind; your idea of a perfect body may not resemble what you see when seeing yourself in a mirror after completing this procedure.

That being said, you can absolutely use hair tattooing to create a masterpiece that is not only stunning and fun but also works as a unique way of advertising your individuality. You can choose from a number of designs, including animals, international symbols, or even art pieces that represent yourself or someone special in your life. Hair tattoos are incredibly customizable and perfect for those who wish to make a statement by using what’s on their head as a canvas for pure style.

If you’re ready to get a hair tattoo, it’s important to choose the right design and the right color. Hair tattoos are best when they’re in darker shades of your skin tone, like black or blue. Even though they look incredibly natural when inked in with lighter colors, this trend is still fairly new and not many people are used to seeing hair on someone’s shoulder or back. If you want to be part of this trend and have a hair tattoo done, you shouldn’t be afraid of trying anything new. Make sure you understand exactly what happens during the procedure so that you can feel safe and confident about your decision.


Make sure that your tattooist is reputable and experienced in doing hair tattoos as well as other kinds of tattoos. You don’t want to end up with a piece on your skin that looks completely botched up by a technician who isn’t familiar with hair materials.

Before getting a hair tattoo, make sure to decide if you’re willing to have it permanently etched on your skin or if it will be removed from time to time. If you’re not sure, ask the tattooist if he or she is willing to remove it at some point.

The hair that is used for hair tattoos must be cut before it’s laid on your skin in order for you to avoid any unpleasant surprises when the technician starts tattooing you. Be very clear with your tattooist about how long you want the hair to stick around in your body, and make sure that he or she offers this service before getting a piece inked on your skin.


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