Education how would you address a wide range of skills...

how would you address a wide range of skills and abilities in your classroom?


This blog post is going to discuss an abundance of different skills and abilities you could use in a classroom to help students master specific tasks, ideas, and even topics. These activities can be done with students at all levels of ability or understanding.

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In this blog post I am going to break down the types of skills and abilities that can benefit your classroom on a wide variety of different levels. This will include how each skill would work for students with varying levels of ability or interest in the subject matter itself. It will also include what techniques you might have to employ so that the new skill does not seem too complicated for your younger learners or too difficult for your more mature learners.

As a teacher, I have found that I can use a variety of different skills and abilities to help my students master new information in subject areas such as math, science, social studies, and others.

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I start by looking at the skills within each subject area. For example in math you have things like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and so on. In science you have things like classification or simple machines. In social studies you might work on historical perspective or how to infer meaning from a text.

Next, I look at some of the abilities that are associated with each of these skills. These might include problem-solving, reasoning, creativity, or planning. These abilities are not always directly related to the skill itself, but they are often a great way to help students with a new skill or piece of information. For example in math you might be using a specific skill like multiplication in order to understand multiplication better. But if there is an area where your student is struggling with this piece of the problem then you can use an ability like creativity to help them work through it and understand everything more clearly.

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You may have to do some research to help you find new ways to help your students work through the skill or ability. This research can help give you fresh, innovative ideas when trying to address certain skills that you might not have used in your classroom before.

One thing that I have found helpful is using a Google search engine with the skills listed in quotation marks and then the abilities separated by commas. For example, I might type “multiplication” “problem-solving” into the search box and see what kinds of things get returned. This makes it easy to find ideas for some of the skills you might want to include in your classroom.

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To help give you an idea of what skills and abilities you can use I have created a table that shows several examples of activities that help students with multiple types of skills and abilities. Topics covered in this table are math, science, social studies, history and geography. This list is not meant to be exhaustive. It is by no means complete. I absolutely encourage you to explore other ideas that could be used for similar skill sets as well as other topic areas within your class.

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