Business if marginal cost exceeds average total cost in the...

if marginal cost exceeds average total cost in the short run, then which is likely to be true?


Marginal cost is the total cost associated with producing one more unit of output, that is, a change in quantity or the rate at which something is produced. Average total cost (ATC) is the average production costs for a given volume of output. Marginal costs are higher than ATC in the short run if a product’s marginal revenue does not equal its marginal cost.

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Digital nomadism:

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Hotel Managers Should Be Fired
I believe that the hotel managers that are at every major international airport should be fired. They are a new form of invasive species that ruins customer experience, and do not belong in our airports.

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Weekly Reads from Around the World
This is your weekly roundup of what I read over the past week or so. There will be some picks for articles from local publications as well as some from international publications such as The New Yorker and The Economist.
Great Podcasts for Business
These are some of my favorite podcasts for entrepreneurs to develop their business. I’ll be recommending a variety of topics from marketing and sales, to advertising and customer service. There will be a mix of great podcasts with some related to what you might learn at a business school or university.

The Wandering Writer Podcasts:

I have been listening to the Wandering Writer podcast by Michael Hyatt for years – often more than 10 hours per week! I think the content is helpful, energetic, and inspiring, making it a great way to start your work day. Each episode has practical tips on how you can better your writing craft both for content that you intend on publishing, but also your personal creative process.

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How I Became One of the 27 Women Who Own Half the World
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