Blog in 2006, william shatner sold which item on ebay...

in 2006, william shatner sold which item on ebay for $25,000?


William Shatner managed to sell a rare 1967 original NASA memo that he received as a gift from astronaut James Lovell for $25,000. It’s signed by Neil Armstrong and Aldrin.

The auctioned item is a request for information on an unknown group – the title of the memo reads: “1967 – MAY 18 – Unidentified Flying Objects Briefing”. The information was compiled by the Air Force’s UFO investigative program and sent to Brigadier General J O Earman at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, where it was declassified in 1978.

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The memo was sent to Shatner by a friend who got it from Lovell, who had been part of the Apollo 11 mission. The auction house, Heritage Auctions in Dallas, Texas, has held the document out of public view until it was ready for marketing. The sale took place on December 28. Shatner said he doesn’t want to be paid for making public interest in space exploration.

Shatner himself received his own UFO memo in 1967: “Unidentified Flying Object Saw Near Youngstown”. It’s signed by Deputy Assistant Director of Project Blue Book (an Air Force unit dedicated to tracking most UFOs) James E Corliss Jr. No one knew what the unidentified flying object was, but the memo was sent to Shatner by his friend James Lovell (one of the real-life inspirations for “Apollo 13”). Now it’s sold for $25,000.

This FBI memo from 1970 is about a man who claimed he had been abducted by an alien after running into some kind of beam of light on his way home from work. He said he woke up in a hospital room and couldn’t remember what happened. The FBI investigated, but no evidence could be found that anything otherworldly had occurred. The memo is short and to the point.

But the FBI’s memo above wasn’t the only alien abduction story it had investigated. This memo from 1968 relates a case that happened in Winona, Minnesota. The unnamed woman recounted how she went out to milk her cow before going to bed and was practically knocked over by a bright light that appeared above the barn. A man in a space suit emerged from the light and put her on board some kind of craft before taking her on a journey through space. She was returned home hours later, with no memory of what had happened. The man in the space suit could not be identified.

A lawyer in Houston sued for $1.5m because his client’s father, a farmer, was thrown into a field by three men who demanded the jewels he was wearing. He claimed the men were from a UFO that landed in the field and then took him on board as it left. The case was dismissed “on grounds of lack of jurisdiction”.

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For sale: Original 1967 letter from NASA, requesting info about strange flying object sightings


FINAL THOUGHTS AND COMMENTS: Why would a document about UFOs be declassified? What is the origin of this memo? Because this item was sold on Jan 4, 2016, I now know I did not dream it. If any of my readers can expand upon this topic and provide more information, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Below is proof of the actual existence of the FBI memo:…

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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ): Why would a document about UFOs be declassified? What is the origin of this memo? Is there any truth to the story about astronauts being abducted by aliens and taken on board their spacecraft? Why was the FBI investigating these UFO sightings? Is it true that U.S. astronauts have been abducted by aliens and taken on board UFOs since 1967? What are your thoughts on space exploration?

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