Learn About History when You Live in Jackson, MS


Jackson is one of those incredible cities that almost everyone has heard of, yet few think of actually visiting.  From the great art and history to the fierce individuals who paved the way here, this city has a lot of heart and a lot to teach.

These are the top museums to check out while you’re in town and why it’s worth living here.

The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum

Civil Rights and Jackson, Mississippi, go hand in hand.  Here you’ll learn about the Civil Rights Movement from 1945 to the modern day and how much it’s evolved and changed despite numerous setbacks and hardships.

This is a great museum for anyone who wants to see these events fiercely humanized and set into a clear image that it wasn’t that long about that people were suffering these hardships: and that we still have a long way to go as a nation.

Old Capitol Museum

The Old Capitol Museum is one of the best stops for anyone who wants to enjoy a quieter stop to get used to this amazing city.  Almost two-hundred years old, this has been on the National Register of Historic Places for nearly sixty years and offers a glimpse through multiple lifetimes and what built this city.

This is the oldest building in Jackson and offers a breath of fresh air to anyone who wants to have an honest view of a government’s past.  

Mississippi Museum of Art

If you need anything to pull you away from Jacksonville apartments for rent, it’s going to be this beautiful art museum.  The Mississippi Museum of art walks you through countless years of interesting history, the changes in style and content, and what it means to be an artist in the south.

This museum talks about the intersectionality of Black art and the people to created it, and why it’s so important to remember the human beings who went through so much in this area.

Mississippi Children’s Museum

If you want your child to feel inspired and eager to learn for the rest of their life, it’s vital that you stop and give them or that inspiration early on.  The Mississippi Children’s Museum takes this seriously and works to educate and excite kids every single day.  From hands-on exhibits to exciting theater shows to educate and entertain, you’ll get to watch as your family learns and takes on a lot of fun and interesting information all in one stop.

City of Jackson Fire Museum

Firefighters are some of the bravest heroes any city can have, and there’s no place better to learn about them and their history than at the City of Jackson Fire Museum!  This museum offers a tour of old machines, vehicles, and gear and can introduce you to how much these have changed over the last couple hundred years.

There’s Nothing as Fantastic as Jackson.

From the incredible views to the great art and fascinating history, you’ll love getting to learn everything possible about Jackson.  If you’re looking for a city that feels like a slice of intellectual paradise, consider moving here!


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