Business Listing, Repricing, Order, and Supplier Management in IMS.

Listing, Repricing, Order, and Supplier Management in IMS.


The importance of inventory management is quite obvious. Every company is automating its business processes by installing an ERP system for inventory control. New features are introduced in management software. To make the right choice, one should know the features and properties of inventory management systems. We are here to help you with the matter. In this discussion, we will highlight some of the necessary features of the inventory management systems.

What is an Inventory Management System?

An inventory management system is a software for tracking inventory throughout the supply chain. It helps monitor sales, purchases, and other business processes. Every change in a company’s stock is recorded in the system. The inventory management system automates the complete workflow.

Every business has different stock sizes and types. Therefore, the methods of inventory management are different for every company. The choice of inventory management software also depends on the business unique requirements. However, some important features of inventory management systems are as follows.


Listing is a very important feature in IMS. It automates product listing. In this way, you can set up product data and descriptions in one place. You can then push this centralized listing to the multiple marketplaces easily. Multi-channel listing and inventory management features enable you to automate the re-listing process. It allows for adding products to new channels and updating stock automatically. A good inventory management system enables bulk image upload. The listing feature facilitates the business workflow.

Why is Listing Important?

  • Manages your multi-channel inventory details.
  • Allows you to focus on business.
  • Prevent stockouts.
  • Make order processing easier.
  • Saves the cost of multichannel management.
  • Provides consistent information on products.
  • Provides centralized control over inventory.
  • Streamline updates, purchases, product details, and payments.


This feature allows a seller to change the prices of the products right away. The market trends keep on changing. The products demand changes and so are the prices. In case of any change, you can easily modify the prices of your items. In this way, you can maximize the profit margin.

Why is Repricing Important?

The retail and wholesale market is full of options for the customer. Customers usually want to get products at the lowest prices. To stand out, you need to offer better pricing.  But pricing depends several factors. A profit margin is always considered. However, you can use the current market demands for your benefit.

The rarer a product is in the market, the more valuable it is. You can get a higher profit margin at such a product. Repricing can be used in this case. On the other hand, if a product is in demand but available in the market, selling it at a higher price will not be smart. The repricing strategy depends on product demand.

Order Management

Order management is the process of tracking sales, inventory, and order fulfillment is termed. It also allows the business to reach its customers and suppliers. Order management touches every aspect of business management. From customer expectations to order shipping, everything comes under order management.

Why is Order Management Important?

Proper order management is important for business growth. It allows the companies to automate processes from order placement to fulfillment. Order management is vital to meet the customers’ expectations. Customer expectations are on the rise, these days. They want one-click solutions. Good order management allows you to make the order placement and fulfillment process easy. You can provide real-time data to the customer. Keeping them informed throughout the process earns customers’ trust. Managing the order properly is important to gain customer satisfaction.

Supplier Management

Supplier Management is the process of managing your relationship with suppliers. Maintaining a strong relationship with suppliers is important to get the supplies. Especially in the large-scale business, keeping the suppliers on board is vital. Planning meetings with suppliers and managing the deals also comes under supplier management.You can get cheap shipping deals online from hundreds of suppliers.

Why is Supplier Management Important?

Either small or large business, you need inventory. The supplier is the one keeping your stocks full. In business, you don’t shift from one supplier to another. But you try to strengthen the relationship with the supplier. Right supplier management allows you to cater to the changing demands of the customers. It ensures a financially rewarding partnership with vendors. Managing long term relationships with suppliers becomes easy.  Supplier management helps you stay on top of changes and avoid inventory risks.

The tool to get you on the right track!

Considering above mentioned features while choosing an IMS is important. We will save you from the struggle of finding the right tools. SeeBiz IMS is the ultimate tool.  It is a contemporary tool that offers complete control over inventory. SeeBiz IMS is an all in one tool. You don’t have to find a separate tool for order management. Supplier management is also integrated into the IMS. You don’t have to manage suppliers with endless emails and calls. It automates the whole business management. Be it listing, multichannel management, or repricing, SeeBiz covers everything. You just need to add your products and contacts in the system. The software will track the changes and manage your contacts. Operate your business at its best with SeeBiz IMS!


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