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Massimo Vanzull’s Outdoor Design Ideas


Massimo Vanzull is a renowned Italian designer that has been designing outdoor spaces for over 30 years. Massimo’s work as an interior and exterior designer includes residential, commercial and public spaces. In this article, Massimo shares his thoughts on how to design outdoor space in order to take advantage of the scenery while also creating a functional space. We hope you enjoy!

The first thing Massimo would do is to get the basics right. He says, “I always start from the ground level.” This includes paying attention to drainage and ensuring that water can flow away from your outdoor space when it rains. In addition, Massimo suggests using materials like grass, trees and flowers in order to soften up any hard surfaces you might have around your property. You also want to make sure there are benches or chairs so people can sit down without having to walk through mud or snow into your home if they need a break!

While he has designed spaces for all types of clients over his career, Massimo’s focus on designing backyards as gathering places rather than just simple areas for storage means he often designs patios and outdoor kitchens that are a focal point of the backyard.

Massimo Vanzull is an award-winning landscape designer with more than 20 years’ experience in commercial, residential and hospitality design. Massimo’s work has been featured on HGTV Canada, Cottage Life Magazine, Canadian House & Home and various other media outlets as well as blog posts from companies like Lowes or IKEA. His designs have gained recognition for their ability to create functional spaces while also respecting the natural environment by using native plants when possible. He’s won numerous awards including: Most Beautiful Walkway Award – Mississauga Urban Design Awards (2012), Best Residential Community Award – Green Space Ontario Association (2013).

In his own words “Sustainability is the future and it comes in many forms. It’s not just about how we plant trees or use materials, but also how we live our lives”. Massimo’s ability to create functional spaces while respecting natural boundaries means that he can work with a variety of budgets without sacrificing quality.

For Massimo, sustainability is more than just a buzzword. As an avid cyclist and sailor, Massimo understands the importance of environmental preservation first-hand – he lives it every day. Massimo’s outdoor design ideas are rooted in respect for both people and planet alike.

Work with your budget: Massimo does not have one specific type of style that he always designs; instead his focus is to create functional spaces while respecting natural boundaries (i.e., water) without compromising quality too much or being overly costly for clients on any given budget range.”

“Sustainability is future and it comes in many forms,” says Massimo Vanzull about his approach to landscape architecture . “It’s not just making a garden sustainable by adding native plants or other water-wise options. It’s also about understanding the needs of people and how these spaces can be used to enrich their lives. There are many ways to achieve sustainability, but Massimo doesn’t believe in one specific style.”

Massimo Vanzull is an award-winning landscape architect from Chicago who has been practicing for over 20 years and he specializes in outdoor design ideas that respect both people and planet alike .

His projects range from private homes with small budgets all the way up to large commercial campuses such as Northwestern Memorial Hospital. “There’s not always room within my budget,” says Massimo, when asked what his advice would be for homeowners on a tight budget. Massimo’s successful design for the exterior of Northwestern Memorial Hospital included many sustainable features, including rain gardens to manage storm water runoff and a roof garden that is home to an array or plants native to Illinois.

Massimo Vanzull believes in sustainability through all aspects of his work- not just with regard to reducing our ecological footprint but also by thinking about how people use these spaces on a daily basis. “It’s not just about having beautiful trees,” he says, explaining that it may be more important for someone who doesn’t have access to green space on their own property. This could mean designing affordable housing projects so they include lush outdoor areas where residents can relax; creating plazas as gathering spots near transit stations; or building public parks that are fun to explore even when the weather is not perfect.

“It’s about designing for people,” Massimo says, “and thinking of these buildings as more than just an architectural form.” This means taking into account how spaces may be used by a wide range of populations- families with children and seniors; or those who work during the day but like to gather in public parks at night, for instance. He prefers doing this on a site-specific basis rather than adhering strictly to set guidelines because each space has its own unique qualities: The needs of one community will vary from another. Massimo also believes in collaboration between disciplines so all aspects of design are considered together–including Indigenous art and storytelling panels alongside water features where people can gather and enjoy the outdoors, for instance.

This is a bit of Massimo’s outdoor design ideas to help understand how he thinks about spaces differently than most architects do. He believes in working with communities and listening to their needs while designing spaces that are interesting on both functional levels as well aesthetically pleasing–with designs that consider Indigenous art, storytelling panels alongside water features where people can congregate together at night under the stars – or during day light hours when they want an area for children to play.


We hope you enjoyed this article by Massimo Vanzull, a renowned Italian designer. He shares his thoughts on how to design outdoor space in order to take advantage of the scenery while also creating a functional space. To view more articles about interior and exterior design like these, visit our blog today!

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