Life Style Networking Event Mistakes You Need to Watch Out

Networking Event Mistakes You Need to Watch Out


Networking events are one of the most important categories of social events. They hold equal importance for the organizers and attendees, as they want to achieve their goals of finding new prospects and opportunities for progress. Finding such leads naturally is comparatively difficult in competitive markets like the United Arab Emirates. 

The networking events provide a platform for like-minded people to explore the leads, build connections, and develop the path of their progress. However, all of this is only possible when the networking event is perfectly organized and is foolproof. The organizers pay a lot of attention to details, but their inexpertise leaves room for errors and undermines the overall event.

This article will help you explore networking event mistakes you need to watch out for in order to make your event successful and profitable.

Top 8 Mistakes You Should Avoid in Networking Events

Networking events require more effort and professional planning, as compared to other social events. The attendees are mostly highly qualified professionals, which spare time from their busy schedules to build more connections. Lack of expertise and improper planning can waste their precious, so you have to be careful while organizing networking events.

Here are the top mistakes you should avoid in networking events and make them rewarding and fruitful for the attendees.

  1. Ignoring the Agenda

The agenda of networking events is one of the most crucial elements. It should not only be properly devised but also executed to help the attendees achieve their purpose of joining. However, amateur organizers fail to plan the agenda. On the other hand, most organizations refer to event companies in Abu Dhabi to plan the agenda and other aspects of their networking event to ensure its success.

  1. Following Unrealistic Time Frame

Meeting people and networking needs some time. It cannot be done abruptly within a few minutes. Most organizers make the mistake of following an unrealistic time frame in their events. Other activities consume greater time, and attendees do not get to talk comfortably. Professional organizers ensure to allocate enough time to all event activities and execute it properly.

  1. Missing Out Interactive Factor in Meetings

One of the most common mistakes organizers make in networking events is missing out on interactive factors in meetings. They just gather people in a closed space and expect them to do everything else on their own. However, they need to apply an active role in defining the goals, taking ownership, breaking the ice, and encouraging attendees to share their viewpoints.

  1. Ignoring Site Inspection

The site management holds significant importance in the case of networking events. People from different walks of life join such events. It will only be a hassle for them to find the people related to their field and industry if the site is not managed properly. Do not forget to inspect the site. Include small cabins, meeting, and conference rooms to make the event more rewarding.

  1. Not Paying Heed to Venue Choices

Apart from site management, the venue choice in itself significantly impacts the success factor of the networking events. So, do not commit the mistake of not paying any heed to your venue choices. Pick a venue with a central location having enough parking space. Moreover, ensure that it is spacious, airy, and well maintained to make the atmosphere comfortable and pleasant. Concern also about the security of the event ahead of time, and let a security company guide you to purchase firearms & tactical equipment that is ideal for the day.

  1. Failure in Proper Navigation

One of the main features of network event planning is paying attention to navigation. It includes navigation of the floor, as well as the navigation of the event. Arrange the floor in such a way that people do not struggle to find their destined place. In addition to it, include small cabins to help people take small breaks and prepare themselves. Include a proper plan for the event and execute it accordingly.

  1. Not Acknowledging Audio Visual Requirements

Networking events also need audio and visual tools and set up. This is a primary element that is often ignored in the planning phase and adds to the suffering of the attendees. If more than fifteen people are present in a conversation group, they might face challenges of hearing and reviewing the shared documents. So, include the necessary technology to facilitate networking.

  1. Not Including Senior Management

One of the greatest mistakes that you can make in networking events is not including senior management. Senior management has control over important decisions, and without their involvement, the networking events cannot build strong and profitable connections. All of this requires professional planning for which you can hire events companies in Abu Dhabi and ensure proper arrangement and execution of every aspect of your event.

Avoid Planning Mistakes to Make Networking Easier!

Ignoring important components of event planning will not only fail your event but waste the precious time of attendees while making them hesitant to join again. You have to offer value and provide some incentive to please the attendees, which is only possible through professional planning. So, do not hesitate to consult the experts and ensure your networking event is free of errors and full of opportunities.


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