Business Progressive Dialer: The Best Tool to Enhance Productivity of...

Progressive Dialer: The Best Tool to Enhance Productivity of Contact Center Business


Today’s customers want to communicate with businesses on the channel they like to use like through phone, SMS, or social media. Organizations are well aware of the importance of running a contact center that offers superior customer service and are implementing new technologies in their processes. To maintain a high level of efficiency and output, contact centers must have a flawless communication process.  Having an automated system in place can help to reduce the downtime. One of the most popular and cost-effective methods to streamline and automate the process is by opting for an automated dialer system. 

An outbound call center software automates the process of dialing in a contact center. This software dials numbers from the contact list on behalf of agents which helps in increasing their productivity.  Nowadays, different types of auto dialer solutions are available for organizations to choose from. Choosing the right dialer solution for outbound contact center can help businesses to boost ROI by manifolds. One such software is the progressive dialer. The progressive dialer software is a perfect tool for agents to improve their productivity and increase business efficiency at large. 

What is a Progressive Dialer?

A progressive dialer is an automated dialing system that provides the contact information to the contact center representatives prior to dialing the phone number. With this advanced outbound call center software, the agent gets enough time to review the contact details presented on the computer screen before the dialer automatically places the call. This ensures an even pace of calling while allowing agents to get ready for a call.

How a Progressive Dialer Works?

The progressive dialer basically runs through the calling lists provided by the company. The software waits until an agent is free to take a phone call. It then progresses to dial the next number from the calling list on behalf of the agent. The software takes the average calling duration of agents to predict the dialing ratio and availability of agents for the next call. The software only connects the calls to the agents that are answered by the customers and filters out the no answer calls, busy numbers, DNC numbers, voicemail, and no answering calls. With the help of an automated dialing process, agents spend less time managing their calls and more time talking to customers, which further ensures increased team productivity and efficiency. 

Key Features of a Progressive Dialer

The progressive dialer offers a wide array of features such as: 

  • Real-time Analytics: Real-time analytics such as agent’s report, call tracking, call details, filtered data, and more helps contact center management to enhance their daily operations. The feature helps to identify where the agents are lacking in delivering better customer service, which further helps to implement the best practices to perk up the agent’s performance and enhance customer service. 
  • CRM Integration: Businesses use CRM to analyze and manage customer interactions, which helps to improve customer service. The integration of CRM with a progressive dialer provides easy access to customer data while reducing the average handling time of agents. 
  • Call Back: Progressive dialers come with the functionality to set a reminder and schedule a call. At the scheduled time of the call back, agents will get a pop-up message. Agents can call at the same time or schedule it for later as per their convenience.
  • Call Recording: The call recording feature of progressive dialers help contact center managers to record communication between agents and customers. These recordings can be used by the management to find any loopholes and make improvements. 
  • Answer Machine Detection (AMD): One of the most important features of a progressive dialer is answer machine detection. It helps to determine whether an electronic device or a human voice has picked the call. As agents will only be connected to the calls answered by the customers, the dialer helps to save agents valuable time. 
  • Call Monitoring: The call monitoring feature of progressive dialers helps contact center managers to preview the quality of the calls by tracking various activities related to the ongoing calls. 
  • Automatic Voicemail: progressive dialers are smart enough to identify the automated voice message using AMD functionality. If it’s a voice message, the dialer drops a pre-set recorded message to the voicemail without missing any opportunity. 


Looking at the benefits of implementing progressive dialer software, it would be correct to say that progressive dialers are a must for contact centers. The dialers not only help in enhancing the productivity of agents who make outbound calls but also provide comprehensive management reporting so that calling work can be managed in a better manner. 


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