The CBSE 12th board exams are regarded as the most crucial examination for pupils. As a result, students will be under a lot of pressure to perform well on tests, which will lead to anxiety and stress.

After the New Academic Year begins, you should begin your exam preparation as soon as feasible. So that you can thoroughly develop your notions and thoroughly review the entire Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE 12th Syllabus before the main examination.

Many students neglect their studies in the early stages, limiting their ability to develop in-depth concepts of the subjects and making it harder to achieve decent grades.

Students believe they have plenty of time and begin studying as soon as their examinations are approaching. So, this is the proper method to prepare now.

Your Class 12th grade plays a significant influence in determining your future job path. As a result, you should avoid the blunders we discussed earlier.

As a student in Class 12, you must carefully arrange your preparation and adhere to it. Everyone should make it a regular habit to follow the preparation and study plan.


Class 12 Maths

You can improve your reasoning and logical thinking skills by studying Class 12 Maths. Math is neither a simple nor a difficult topic. You should devote adequate time to math preparation and practice a variety of daily problems.

In the CBSE Class 12 Science Stream, it is also one of the high-scoring topics. As a result, systematic learning is critical.

Make sure you have enough Maths sample papers, Maths past exam papers, Maths solutions, and other exam preparation materials for Class 12 Maths. The CBSE Class 12 Maths long answer type questions (i.e., 6 marks) are gold mines for your Class 12 Exam.

Class 12 Chemistry

  • Physical Chemistry is the study of matter.

You should finish all of the Class 12 Chemistry chapters.

If you’ve already finished studying from the NCERT book, all you have to do now is go through the concepts again and solve the NCERT problems from the practice.

If you have not yet finished studying the Class 12 Chemistry NCERT book, you must first review crucial subjects as indicated in the Learning Objectives at the beginning of each chapter before moving on to solving NCERT problems.

You should write down all of the crucial formulae on a sheet and go over them every day.

  • Organic Chemistry is the study of organic compounds.

Organic chemistry is a scoring section, but it necessitates systematic revision. The following are examples of typical questions:

Questions of the mind (reasoning based)

Conversions/Word Problem

Reactions are given names.

Distinction Test

Reaction mechanism (as per NCERT)

To develop a thorough notion, you should practise as many questions as possible on a daily basis.

To establish that flow and acquire speed and accuracy when reading a chapter, you should write the solution yourself multiple times. Remember that reaction balancing isn’t required.

You should not fall into the same trap as the majority of students by failing to review certain chapters in everyday life, such as Polymers, Biomolecular Chemistry, and Chemistry. However, these chapters are worth a total of ten points and hence. As a result, you should devote sufficient effort to revising them.

  • Chemistry of Inorganic Compounds

The following are the questions that are posed in this section:



Finish the reaction

Elements of the p-block: All important reactions should be recorded in a sheet and revised on a regular basis. To improve your writing flow, practise the questions.

Element of the d- and f-blocks: Review and practise reasoning-based questions; review compound preparation structure and qualities.

Coordination Compound: You should be aware that this is a crucial chapter because the types of questions answered are diverse. As a result, set aside a significant amount of time for this.

Metallurgy: You should review this chapter extensively because it has a wide range of questions.

Class 12 Physics

Follow the instructions below to prepare for the class 12 Physics Exam.

The chapters on electrostatics and optics are fairly lengthy in Class 12 Physics NCERT books You must set aside enough time to thoroughly review these chapters.

In the Class 12 Physics Exam, you’ll discover a few subjective questions based on cyclotrons, Van-de graffs, and other related gear. As a result, practise answering such queries.

Smaller chapters, such as Alternating Current, should be completed and all questions from the exercise should be practised.

You should understand the following concepts as soon as possible:

Materials’ magnetic properties



Optical Instrument

Electromagnetic Wave

Communication System


You should learn to answer long-answer questions with adequate explanations for all of the above-mentioned points.

When working on numerical problems, double-check that you’ve entered the correct values and that your calculations are accurate and well-written.

Some additional tips for all the superb students

  • Make a list of all the significant topics that have come up in previous years’ board exams and make a chart of them.
  • Enumerate the themes in order of relevance for each subject. Set aside a specific amount of time for each topic based on its importance.
  • Maintain a goal of completing your studies at least once every four months leading up to your board exam.
  • Once in a while, study in groups. This way of learning will naturally lead to new ideas, doubts, and clarifications within the group, broadening your knowledge of the subject. Most importantly, group study will help you remember what you’ve learned for a longer period of time.
  • Most of the time, students consider model test papers at school to be just another exam that doesn’t need to be taken seriously. This is a massive miscalculation that has been made. The main goal of having these mock test papers at school is to prepare you for what you will face on your boards’ larger platform. Your tutors will create the questions for these test papers after a thorough examination of the typical exam format and questions. So, it would be a prudent idea to prepare thoroughly for these tests, because if you do well on these exams, you will have won half the battle.

Then, starting with your first model test paper, you can generate a graph of your performance.

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