Business SUVs or Minivans? Which is better. Pros and Cons

SUVs or Minivans? Which is better. Pros and Cons


A couple of decades earlier, it was quite simple for an average individual to discern between SUVs and minivans as SUVs were still latest and minivans were outdated. Today, though, both cars are sleek and similar in style. But this has also blurred the boundaries between the two most popular car body styles.

Engine and Performance

SUVs can easily win the battle when it comes to performance and engine. Minivans are only available in V6 engine which does not give many options to the consumers whereas SUVs with V6, V8 and V5 engines are available in the market.

Passenger Space and Interior Comfort

Minivans and SUVs both have three seats in the second and third row. Both cars have wonderful internal space. But minivans are a bit more compact and are ideal for your family.

Both vehicles give you the choice of removing the centre row and replacing it with two captain seats. But bear in mind it would take one seat off the car and reduce the seating room.

Cargo Space

Generally speaking, minivans offer more freight space than SUVs. Even with both seats in service, the Honda Odyssey has about 39 cubic ft of space, whereas the Honda Pilot has about 17 cubic ft of space. Folding both the second and third rows in the odyssey gives you the cargo room of 158 cubic feet, which is huge.

The extra space in a minivan allows families to do easy packing, whether you’re storing food or things or your kids’ toys, there’s plenty of space. The huge space behind the third row is enough to fit a kids’ pram, a compact cycle, a backpack, a gear or something else.

Pros and Cons of SUVs and Minivans

Both minivans and SUVs have its own pros and cons

Unique features of SUVs:

  • More sturdy and robust 
  • Offers great road visibility to the driver
  • More trendy and elegant
  • better performance in all-terrain tracks
  • One can configure it with any drive such as four-wheel drive, two-wheel drive or all-wheel drive
  • It comes in a range of sizes and models. For example, the Honda SUV line-up has different SUVs, from small to full-size.
  • Great for all kind of season

Cons of SUVs

  • Swing doors make the access difficult 
  • Higher ground clearance which makes it inconvenient for aged people and kids to step in
  • Less freight spaces 
  • Less seating spaces
  • Not much fuel-efficient 
  • SUVs are commonly pricey

Unique features of Minivans:

  • Sliding doors for convenience and comfort
  • Spacious seating area
  • Lower ground clearance 
  • Well-grounded centre of gravity 
  • Large cargo area along with open seats
  • affordable than SUVs when it comes to price
  • More fuel-efficient than SUVs

Cons of Minivans

  •  The stigma of the minivan in the eyes of the buyers, which gives it a negative name considering all the wonderful features.
  • Not much flexibility in the option of various wheel-drive systems
  • Very few variations of styles and models
  • Minivans do not perform efficiently in all-terrain tracks 

What Should I Buy, An SUV or A minivan? 

SUVs give a lot of variety. For instance, some SUVs are designed for off-road conditions. These can take on rough trails such as stones, large rocks, sand, mud and many other. Similarly, there is a lot of variety in SUV tyres, Some SUV tyres are optimised for uneven terrains, while some tyres perform well on well-paved surfaces. For instance, Falken Wildpeak HT01 is an SUV designed for highway driving and long mileage comfort. On the other hand, minivans are created for highway driving. You cannot take these to off-road. 

At the end of the day, the solution to this question depends on your vehicle use. If you’re realistic, 

you want a vehicle that’s economical and can handle a lot of freight and passengers. However, if you are fine about the stigma that the minivan has been bearing for years, then minivan is the right 

choice for you.

But if you are planning to drive on rugged roads or live in a city where the weather is usually harsh, 

then an SUV would be an ideal option.


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