Business Take Full Leverage of Online Shopping Comparison Sites in...

Take Full Leverage of Online Shopping Comparison Sites in the UAE


The United Arab Emirates has now become a leading juncture for all of the online merchants around the world who are looking to set up their business in the middle east. This means that you would find some of the best online shopping sites in the UAE. 

But with so many online shopping sites in UAE, customers would have to look at each one of them to find the best deals around. That’s where online shopping comparison sites come to save the day. 

Online comparison shopping websites are a lifesaver for a lot of shopaholics who spend the majority of their time browsing different shopping sites, looking to get a better deal on a product that they want to buy.

If you are looking for the best online comparison shopping sites then you are in the right place. Read along to know more about comparison between online shopping sites.

What are online shopping comparison sites?

Websites that provide online shopping price comparison are nothing but portals that collect information from online shopping sites and display them in one place itself.  Online shopping rate comparison websites often collect information such as product prices, descriptions, names of retailers, names of online shopping websites, etc. and show them all at once to customers and merchants. 

Online shopping comparison websites or as they are often called Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs)  are very important both for merchants as well as customers to get comparison between the online shopping sites prices around their region.

They are an ultimate tool for shopaholics & merchants. It lets people compare the prices, along with other information such as the shipping options, and in most cases even the reviews of both sellers and products. This helps shoppers to choose from the merchants that offer the best deal in terms of value. 

Many online shopping price comparison websites also help a lot of customers find great coupons and codes that they can use during the checkout and save some money. Usual coupons and codes for Fashion products are easy to find when you shop online. Online shopping comparison sites also give merchants the opportunity to be aware of their competitors and offer their customers with the best deal that they can.

What are the best online comparison shopping sites in UAE?

Let’s take a look at some of the best online shopping comparison websites in the UAE (in no particular order of importance)

  1. Google Shopping 

There isn’t any online shopping price comparison more popular than the king Google itself. All the products that are submitted into the directories of Google also display on the search engine results page (SERP). This means that Google Shopping is the first online shop price comparison that customers see. Although one important thing that you must know about Google Shopping is that it is integrated with Google Ads (the PPC platform). Which means that the results that appear on top are mostly sponsored. But people always prefer to check prices on Google before they shop online for health products, books, fashion or anything else. 

  1. PriceGrabber

PriceGrabber is a popular online shop price comparison website that is owned by Connexity. The main advantage of using PriceGrabber is that it also gives you complete access to Connexity’s marketing network. They can also help you with setting up your campaigns as well as other maintenance work. If your product happens to not generate any revenue, then you need not worry because they do not have any kind of long term contracts. Which means that you can pull out your product and stop using their service anytime that you feel like. An added advantage when you use PriceGrabber is that your product is also automatically listed on Yahoo Shopping. 

  1. Shopzilla

Shopzilla is another one of the huge online shopping price comparison websites that operate in the UAE. They have millions of monthly visitors to their website and they also happen to be one of the oldest players in the market, starting way back in 1996. Although when you are listing your product on Shopzilla you must be aware that it is quite a competitive marketplace which has millions of products listed on it. It is also owned by Connexity, just like PriceGrabber – which means that you also get access to the entire marketing/advertising network of Connexity.


If you are an active user of ebay, then you would surely love, since it is part of the family of companies that belong to the mammoth ebay. It is a great online shopping price comparison website that you can use to put your products in front of a huge number of prospective customers. Likewise, if you are a customer then you are sure to find the product that you want at very competitive prices from a plethora of vendors around the world. Apart from the UAE, this particular comparison engine also has various versions for other countries like France, Germany, Italy and UK.

  1. BeezUP

BeezUp is a great product price comparison tool for Shopify users. It can help you list your products across various other marketplaces such as ebay, amazon, etc. The most unique part about BeezUp is that it not only helps you add your products to various listings, but it also helps you to automatically sync your inventory stock levels and also remove the items that have been sold out. It allows its users to customize each and everything about their product across various platforms such as the product information, pricing, and even the audience targeting. 

Final thoughts

To know which online comparison website is best suited for you, you need to understand your own product strategy and find out which one of the above portals best align with your objectives. There are a different demographic of audience that use different portals according to their requirements. 

Price comparison tools are an incredible portal you can use regardless of whether you are a customer or a merchant. Women almost always compare prices of clothes while online shopping. In case you are a merchant with a product that you want to sell at a very competitive price then the above price comparison websites are an amazing way to find your customers.


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