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The Secret to Success Is Being Open to Learning


What is the number one reason why people just don’t succeed? Is it lack of knowledge? The answer actually is not. The answer is a low teachability index. One needs to be teachable first and foremost. We all start at the bottom when learning new information. One needs to become obsessed with learning. This is the foundation. There are two variables that determine one’s teachability index as illustrated below. 

Firstly, we see one must have a willingness to learn. Well this begs the next question: How do you know if you have a high willingness to learn? Most people have a low willingness to learn. For many people their energy comes only in bursts and is never sustained. They don’t spend enough time to get to the unconscious competence level, fail to see results, and then lack of motivation becomes an issue. 

This level of self-development towards unconscious competence as discussed before has to be developed instinctively and effortlessly. To get to this level of success in any facet of life requires a very high willingness to learn.

Retain the zeal

Many people lose their zeal to learn past the age of 40. Their attitude is basically that there isn’t much else out there to know. It could be programming the microwave, learning about marketing software, riding a bicycle. This is based on a diminished self-concept which dictates that preservation of your ego is more important than positive expansion. 

And even if they have a high willingness to learn, most people have a low willingness to accept change, which is the second variable in the teachability index. This willingness to accept change involves evolving from old thinking patterns, the way you feel about things, and some of the things you do.

What is your willingness to accept change? How would you even know if you have a high willingness to change? The answer is by examining what you are willing to give up. Are you willing enough to do something completely different? Are you willing to give up your favourite thing in order to have the time, money , and effort to invest in yourself; to grow and learn? Which is more important? If you love McDonald’s, for example, and eat at McDonald’s three times a week and I said you can’t do that anymore, then what? You can still eat food, right?

Try to rate yourself on a scale from 0-10. Start evaluating each purchase, relationship, and activity in relation to your greater goals. Will this help you create the right life, or will it just distract you? What is your willingness to give up something you love doing in order to learn something new or achieve a goal. If you’re willing to learn is a ten however you’re willing to accept change is a two, then you have a low teachability index. Unwillingness to change is a major obstacle to learning.

Most people refuse to be willing to give up things in order to become obsessed with learning. They don’t want to stop watching their favourite shows in order to have more time to read daily. Remember, patterns are neural pathways. If this is your area of difficulty, then you have to understand that new patterns have to be developed which creates new neural pathways. 

Neural pathways

These neural pathways or lack thereof, are directly correlated to your willingness to accept change and why you may be having a difficult time in the process. It’s because you’ve done the same thing for so long, the new neural pathway doesn’t have that “cravingness” yet. 

Ability does not guarantee mobility. 

Theoretically if one doesn’t put too much effort into anything, then they don’t have to concern themselves with the outcome. People tend to think of their desire and of all the ways it can’t happen. They are afraid to put their ability to the test. They’re not willing to risk giving up what they are to chance of becoming something greater. Paralysis by analysis, so to speak. You can learn anything if you put your mind to it; from cloud backups to the human brain, from vehicle servicing to woodwork.

After reading all of this, you may say that you know this pseudo-science stuff and sounds like something that you’ve heard before. My answer to that would be that when you’re able to say that you know this all stuff; when you’re unequivocally able to say “I 100% know!”, then now you’ve got it all, and you know it all. Precisely when you think you know it all, is when you’ve stopped becoming open to learning.

In Summary

The way to be open to learning is not to stay confused your whole life. That’s not what I’m trying to convey here. The way to be perfectly teachable is to say, “I get it so far, and I’ve got so much more that I don’t even know. How much more can I learn?” The sign of an individual who is truly confident and secure is eagerness to learn new ideas and information and then incorporate them into action based on unconscious competence .

You have to not only learn and retain new information. You have to start applying it. I’m just trying to give you the tools to achieve whatever level of success you wish to achieve. Allow yourself to be a beginner in something. Enjoy your inexperience and learn to appreciate whenever you discover something new that can be improved upon. 

Jhon Dew
From the moment I was born, my mom said to me "You are an explorer." This has defined who I am and will always be. It's in my blood- through probiscisuch as reaching across time zones or scaling mountains with only your mind! When faced by new challenges, there’s nothing that can stop us but ourselves so we must take risks for our future because no matter what happens today; tomorrow is waiting just around this corner


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