Business The Ultimate Checklist to Hire Luxury Cars in Dubai

The Ultimate Checklist to Hire Luxury Cars in Dubai


There is much more to explore in Dubai, and the residents and tourists in Dubai want to visit all the places and comfortably enjoy their vacations. Therefore, they choose luxury cars to travel around the city with class and high standards of living. No matter what the place is, whether Burj Khalifa or desert safari, you can explore every corner of the city with your rental car. On the other hand, public transport has specific routes and cannot provide the ease and comfort of luxury vehicles. However, there are many companies in Dubai, providing luxury cars on rent. So you have to shop around and choose the best luxury car rental company

Once you select a company and a luxury car, you must spend a few minutes checking the fitness, function, and condition of the vehicle.  To help you in this, here we are providing a checklist you must follow. 

Take Test Drive 

To check whether the car is worth hiring or not the first thing you should do is a test drive. The test drive will give you information about the car. While driving the car you should notice that it is running smoothly or not. If you are going to rent a car for a longer period like weeks or a month it is recommended to invite a mechanic so he could examine the different parts of the car such as brakes, engine, etc. hence saving you from any unexpected circumstances when you are on the way to your destination. 

Examine the Exterior 

It is important to have a quick look around the car you are renting to check for any damage or scratch. However, if you notice any damage, take pictures and inform the rental agent so that you will not have to pay for these damages later. Also, examine the tyres of the car. The condition and strength of tyres are of utmost importance to drive safely on the highways of Dubai. Therefore if you notice any inflated tyre ask the agent to change it instead of risking your life.  

Check for GPS 

If you are renting a luxury car, most probably there is a GPS device installed in it. Set the time of the device and check if it is working properly or not. However, if there is no GPS device in the luxury car you must ask the luxury car rental company about the device. Most of the luxury car rental packages include this facility. GPS navigation is crucial for the safety purpose as it gives information about the vehicle’s speed, location, direction and time.

  • Check Window Controls 

Window controls are a crucial thing for all types of cars. Check these controls whether they are working properly or not. They should be in working condition otherwise when you reach the toll booth you need to you will find yourself pushing every possible button in your car. Thus to save yourself from this frustration you must confirm that all the controls are in working condition.      

Turn On Ac 

In Dubai, the temperature is mostly high. Hence, AC in the car is just like rain in the desert. To enjoy the ride in your dream luxury car with more comfort the interior of the car must be cooler than the outside environment. That is why you must turn on the AC of the car and wait for a little to check that the AC cools down the vehicle or not. If the AC is not cooling properly then it is better to switch the vehicle rather than spoiling your whole ride. 

Examine Turn Signals

Many drivers think that the turn signals are quite simple things. To some extent they are right but as the technology is improving day by day so do the directions. Therefore it is suggested to inspect the turn signals before leaving to your destination. 

Check Lights and Wipers 

Turn on all the lights of the luxury vehicle to check they are working properly. In addition to lights also check the windshield wiper. However, in Dubai the weather is dry but no one knows when it starts raining. So, you should figure out the buttons to be ready for the situation if it suddenly starts raining. 

Look Hardtop Working or Not  

If you are renting a convertible luxury vehicle then it is essential to check that the top of the car is folding in pressing the button or not. Since you are renting the convertible to enjoy the open air driving. But what if the top does not fold when you want it to. Thus, to enjoy the experience in your favorite convertible while the wind is touching your hair you must make sure the button controls of the hardtop are working properly. 
Along with the selection of the best luxury car Rental in Dubai, if you follow the checklist given above it is ensured that you will experience hassle free ride in your dream car with peace of mind.


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