Business Things to consider a different filtration system

Things to consider a different filtration system


In the filtration products industry fiberglass filter bag manufacturers are manufacturing and supplying a range of quality tested bag filters in various specifications. The filter is manufactured according to international quality standards with the use of the highest quality components and advanced technology.

It is a special type of device for controlling pollution by removing particulates from air released from many commercial processes. Also, our customers can purchase bag filters given to us in standard form as well as customized specifications from us at economical prices.

Pulse-jet bag filter

The TBPL Pulse Jet Bag Filter is intended for long pack existence with low-pressure drops and simple upkeep. Pulse-jet bag filter components such as cages, ventures, and tube sheets are well designed to ensure 100% gas tightness throughout the tube, enabling easy installation and maintenance and preventing dirty gases in the clean airside.

AEE Pulse Jet Cleaning System guarantees low-pressure drop, low utilization of compacted air, and longer life Microprocessor-based clock boards guarantee legitimate cleaning cycles and reset cleaning cycles dependent on necessities during operation over some time Provide facilities to do.

Pulse-jet bag filters are designed and suppliers have a long experience with optimal air-to-fabric ratios based on process requirements and in all categories of bags covering TB, ranging from 1000 m3 / hr to 5,00,000 m3 / hr and temperature from ambient to 280°. 

The filter fabric bag designed and manufactured by TBPL has its application in cement kiln gases. Coal and cement grinding mills, thermo packs, boilers, encounters, etc. in concrete, force, steel, and different cycle ventures.

Reverse Air Bag House (RABH)

RABH is specifically designed to handle large amounts of high-temperature gases in process industries. The baghouse can ensure emission levels of 20 to 50 mg/nm 3. RABH is built into modules to facilitate offline cleaning. The PLC control board is given to work the cleaning cycle and keep up the ideal weight drop in the baghouse and to guarantee long bag life. The filter bag is mounted on top with the help of ‘J’ hook assembly.

The bag is fixed down with brisk delivery braces this facilitating easy installation and maintenance.100% gas tightness is ensured in the construction of the casing, hopper, and tube sheet to prevent the entry of dirty gases to clean the power box. The balanced gas distribution concept employed in the design of inlet and outlet plenums facilitates the uniform distribution of gases to all modules.

If your filter bags become non-functional at regular intervals. Every time it happens that you have to spend money to get a new one and this expense keeps increasing over time. However, doing a few things can ensure that your filter bag is functional for a considerable period. 

Check design

One of the most common issues is that the designs are usually very small given their purpose. The underutilized baghouse contains an excessive amount of air, which has to pass through the filter. This causes the filters to eventually close before they fail completely

Pay attention to the operation

When the filter bags are on, the temperature has to be taken into consideration. Extremely high temperatures can cause corrosion of the filter bag as a result of heat. Repeated cleaning also spoils clothes. It needs to be understood that filter bags are made of cloth such as polyester filter cloth and, like any other cloth, cleaning can also often wear quality down.


Probably the best way to ensure that regular maintenance schedules lengthen the life of your filter sleeve(fiberglass filter bag). Ensuring that equipment is properly and regularly maintained will significantly reduce the need to replace them. On your part, you should make sure that you see professionals come and see whatever needs to be decided and get on with doing it.


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