Gaming This Is How StarPlay EWallet Will Look Like In...

This Is How StarPlay EWallet Will Look Like In 10 Years Time.


It has been approximated that in 2024, 2 billion people will be using mobile devices on a daily basis. It’s also projected that 45% of people aged 18-34 will have their phones as the first screen they touch in the morning. The majority of the population is getting accustomed to utilising mobile technology to conduct their business. With these statistics, it begs the question as to how StarPlay EWallet intends to maintain its competitive edge and satisfy growing demand for its product in ten years time.

StarCoin is distinguished from other companies. We have created a massively scalable, secure and easy to use payment system based on the blockchain’s distributed ledger technology. Through this system, we eliminate the barrier to entry for users looking to transact with us. Unlike many other platforms that are centralized, StarCoin is available 24/7 with global settlement times in 10 minutes or less through the distributed ledger technology that runs on all devices using our wallet. In this way, we are able to deliver a unique payment method that is available globally TODAY.

Our goal is to put a smile on the face of every StarCoin user in ten years time, and to make sure that they know that we have delivered on our promises. So how will we do this?

We will provide all of our users with the ability to send and receive remittances in real time with 7% instantly. We will turn the currency of tomorrow into the currency of today. We will enable micropayment through in-wallet fiat / crypto conversion (InstaCash). This has been successfully achieved through our recent partnership with Pundi X, one of the leading blockchain hardware solution providers globally.

We plan to take advantage of the current blockchain technology trend and contribute to cloud computing, big data, machine learning, IoT and AI. These collaborative efforts will allow us to provide a world-class set of tools that are both simple and effective.

We have many technologies in the pipeline that will assist us in reaching our targets… we are also keenly aware of the importance of being responsive to our users – listening and reacting – which is why one of our pillars is always communication. We will keep our community informed about all developments before they happen along with news on exciting projects as they are developed.

To demonstrate our commitment to this message, we have created a gift pack that is available to all existing and new StarCoin users. This will be distributed through our social media pages and sent via email in the near future.

Our vision is that every StarCoin user will have received free, fast, easy and compelling access to their financial lives.

With people’s livelihoods determined by the actions of a few technology providers, we needed to change the game in order for billions of people to get on board with blockchain technology. This is what Star Coin seeks to do – create an open marketplace solution for all to use, on a global scale.

We hope that, as a StarCoin user, you are as excited as we are about reaching this goal and feel that you can use our gift pack in the following ways:

As an added incentive to make payments through our platform. As an introduction into the StarCoin community. As a token of appreciation for your continued support of our brand.

In return, we would like to offer you the following: A StarCoin T-shirt A StarCoin flash drive A StarCoin coffee mug

Thank you for your time and attention. This is just one way for us to demonstrate our commitment to putting a smile on your face in ten years time.

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