Blog This Is Why Oahu Senior Portraits Is So Famous!

This Is Why Oahu Senior Portraits Is So Famous!


What’s so unique about Oahu Senior Portraits?

With a unique perspective on photography that allures to take advantage of the beautiful scenery, old school Hollywood glamour, and perhaps a sense of nostalgia that many people seem to associate with their senior pictures. There is a reason why Oahu Senior Portraits is so famous! No matter whether it’s the traditional 2 hour portrait session or the all day long adventure near Waimea Valley, there are plenty of different packages to choose from. And while it may not be for everyone, for those who do make the choice to take their senior pictures at this scenic destination in Hawaii you will never regret it.

From Poipu Beach to Koko Head, Oahu Senior Portraits is a destination for both young and old!

Why do older people love taking their photos at Oahu? What is it that helps them feel comfortable with taking a picture in front of this beautiful Hawaiian landscape? One of the main ideas is that senior photos are used mostly as a memory of their youth. When they look back from years from now they want to be able to remember the special times, both fun and sad moments. So there is no doubt that senior portraits with the beautiful sunrise over the mountain tops in Hawaii will be memorable for anyone who takes part in them.

With the beautiful sights and beaches in Oahu, it is no wonder why there are so many beautiful pictures of seniors at Oahu Senior Portraits! Twenty-five years ago when Melinda and I took our senior photo we were just starting college and then we got married right after that. We went back to Hawaii for our honeymoon and Melinda fell in love with the place and we decided to move to Oahu after we graduated. The four years we lived here was such a special time for Melinda and I, before me leaving for the Air Force,

Although there are many beautiful spots in Oahu, everything will look so good when taken with the sunrise in background. Melinda always tells me that when she looks at her senior photos she misses Hawaii, but I will have to just take along with me all these great memories that I have of living in Oahu. I would not trade my time here for anything else in the entire world!

Everyone has their own ideas about what contributes to the quality of their photos. Some people like to shoot during the night, others prefer to take pictures during the day, while some like natural light and others like flash photography. One of the things that I really appreciate about Oahu Senior Portraits is that they understand what it takes to take quality photos. With an excellent photographer, the cool Hawaiian landscapes, and the great sunrise in background you can’t go wrong with your pictures at Oahu Senior Portraits!

What makes Oahu so unique is not only the scenery but also the experience! It’s so much fun to be here with other seniors while taking pictures, enjoying their company during this vacation in Hawaii. We all try to get together once or twice a year for our “senior photo days” and spend several hours walking around different locations on Oahu.


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