Business Tips To Build the Best Shopping Cart Experience on...

Tips To Build the Best Shopping Cart Experience on Your Online Store Or Marketplace


The leading and well-known online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay have never failed to impress their customers by providing them an awesome shopping experience. This strategy has made them leaders in the e-commerce field. They have also inspired many budding entrepreneurs and made them to think about how to start multi vendor ecommerce website. Let us find out the cool techniques that can help you to give your customers a good shopping cart experience.

Promising Website design

Every day thousands of websites are being launched and people may visit when they encounter their domain. The key objective of any multi-vendor marketplace platform is to attract more visitors to the platform and make them stay in your online store. A recent survey has stated that around 93% of visitors who enter a multi-vendor marketplace platform consider the visual appearance motivates them to purchase a product from the platform. So it is very important to have an attractive web design and a cool user-interface.

Creative content for your multi-vendor marketplace platform

Content is the king of any online business. Only through clear content, the visitor is going to understand your business, your products, and the quality of the product. The detailed description of the product will help the customer to find out what they search for. Your multi-vendor marketplace platform should have a precise ‘About Us’ page. It also should contain your contact information and other details to contact you easily. The multi-vendor marketplace platform should have unique content that will catch the eyes of the visitors and make them feel interesting and should allow them to stay at your page for a longer time.

Give a trustworthy online support

A normal website will give information about the company and its product and there will not be much communication between the company and the visitors to the site. Since they do not buy the product through the website and just to gain information, people visit those websites and will leave the site. But a multi-vendor marketplace platform is a place where people visit and will buy your products by paying them online. They need to communicate with the customer support team and need to know about their orders. They also expect 24/7 support from the admin side. So, you need to have a proper communication channel through which your customer can easily get in touch with you. By responding to them properly you can easily gain their trust.

Support with multiple payment options

Making a stranger become a visitor and then an inquiry and finally, a customer is a tedious process. And this process gets fulfilled only when the customer pays the amount and purchases the product. You might have convinced the visitors of your multi-vendor marketplace platform through your web design and creative content. But at the time of purchase if they cannot find a comfortable and commonly used payment gateway in your multi-vendor marketplace platform they can change their mind about purchasing the product and may leave your platform. You need to focus on having multiple payment options and never miss any orders.

Have a mobile-responsive multi-vendor marketplace platform

In the last financial year, around 30% of online shopping accounted for mobile shopping, and the figure is expected to reach 55% by the end of 2021. This is mainly because of the increase in the selling rate of smartphones. Even a common man is familiar with accessing the smartphone features and since people carry their phones all the time, whenever they want to visit any website, they do not search for a laptop. They will just visit the site from their phones. So it is a default requirement for your multi-vendor marketplace platform to be device-friendly.

Deep analysis of customers’ insight

Before opening your multi-vendor marketplace platform you would have gone through several stages of market analysis to understand customers’ buying behavior. But once you have launched your multi-vendor marketplace platform and started getting visitors, you need to track the customers’ buying behavior. This will help you to enhance the performance of your multi-vendor marketplace platform. Monitor and find out which region has more visitors and which age group of people is searching for your products. With the analytical report, you can frame your marketing campaigns and can focus on your target audience.

Unique offers and seasonal discounts

There is always a craze for offers and discounts among people. You need to keep an eye on your competitor and know what is their current offer plan? You need to give a counteroffer to them. The offer should be reasonable and people should not feel cheated with your offers. Check for festivals and other occasions and give high discounts on all your products. This will attract the attention of the visitors. And through word of mouth, you will get a greater response and can get a good turnover.

Use affiliates and influencers

The more your multi-vendor marketplace platform reaches the customers the more sales you will get. For this, your marketing team alone cannot bring great changes in promoting your multi-vendor marketplace software. In this case, you should find affiliates to work with your multi-vendor marketplace platform. Affiliates can also earn some decent income and they will be interested in promoting your brand through their network and other channels. There are influencers on all social media platforms and you can get their support to brand your platform to their followers. You can have a separate commission slab for your affiliates and influencers. If they are satisfied with your payment terms then you can be relaxed and they will work for you and will help you take better ROI.


Surviving in the online market needs more experience and tactics to be followed. Your genuine effort is going to make your multi vendor marketplace software to become a leader like Amazon and eBay. Always keep updating yourselves with the latest trends and practice all marketing strategies that can get you more visitors and sales.


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