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Tips to score high marks in class 12 Maths exam


Mathematics is a scoring but challenging subject due to a vast syllabus coupled with an extensive list of formulas and derivations. But it is crucial to score good marks in the Class 12 Maths Examination because it is one of the core subjects and should be tackled smartly, with dedication and hard work. The exam pattern is prepared in such a manner that the calibre of the student is tested in a time-bound manner. 

As the date of the examination approaches, students struggle with the dilemma of anxiety and tend to lose their concentration levels. But it becomes extremely important to stay calm and composed and manage your time wisely and judiciously which will ultimately help you get a good score in the examination. 

You can follow these 12 tips mentioned below to get a top-notch score in the mathematics examination. These include:

  • Prepare a Schedule according to your ability, need and comfort. You must avoid deviating time on non-productive tasks and focus on the preparation for the examination. Sufficient breaks should be included in the schedule to avoid losing focus when you need it the most! Give adequate rest to your body as well as your mind
  • Go through the Exam Pattern and NCERT Syllabus for Class 12 Maths to figure out the weightage of various topics. It is crucial to focus on the difficult topics that demand adequate attention because you cannot afford to lose a considerable chunk of marks if you want to get a good score in the exam.
  • Practice makes a Man Perfect! , so you should prioritize practising questions daily from the NCERT textbook. Reference books can also be used but for supplementary usage. The focus should primarily be on the NCERT textbooks. Go through the NCERT textbooks with proper commitment. You’ll be able to figure out the topics that don’t require additional practice and those demanding rigorous practice.
  • Prepare a Study Strategy and stick to it because it is extremely crucial to concoct a strategy that suits your needs. It is also very important to follow the strategy you’ve prepared and avoid comparing your strategy with others. Comparison creates doubt and differences and you should focus solely upon yourself.
  • Be aware of the Formulas because solving the questions will become uncomplicated if you’ll be aware of the formula which should be applied while solving a question. Moreover, rote learning should be avoided and the fundamentals, concepts behind the formulas should be understood in depth. Mathematics demands understanding the concepts rather than rote learning. Mugging up will cause unnecessary confusion and panic in your mind. So Mugging up should be avoided at all costs.  
  • Prepare using Previous Year Question Papers (PYQs) and Sample Papers so that you get a rough idea about the difficulty level and the type of questions that can show up in the examination, to be mentally prepared to tackle those questions within a limited time. You’ll be in a position to assess your weak as well as your strong areas once you are done with the sample papers.
  • Beware of Shortcuts because you are likely to forget their correct application as and when required. So practise the questions extensively so that you will be able to devise some tricks and shortcuts yourselves. The tricks and shortcuts devised through practice are more likely to remain in your memory for correct application. 
  • Focus on Self-Evaluation because you should know where do you stand and what is the status of your preparation, whether the preparation is going in the desired direction or requires additional efforts. 
  • Adopt a Competitive and Progressive approach and try to outlast your previous performance by putting in the extra effort. If you’ve already set a target score for the examination, you are more likely to burn the midnight oil and achieve the desired score. You should focus on the fact that you have to score better than your previous examination and put in the necessary hard work.
  • Stay Calm and Composed because being anxious and jittery will hinder your focus and attention span. So a harmonious temperament will improve your performance in the examination for sure and you will be able to understand the difficult concepts with ease and comfort. 
  • Take Guidance from your Teachers because it will be helpful as far as clearing the doubts is concerned. Teachers are aware of the syllabus in and out and have relevant knowledge and experience which will allow the students to clear all the doubts in their minds. It is necessary to clear doubts because a slight change in the method of solving a question can alter the answer altogether. So guidance from the teachers plays a pragmatic role in the preparation for mathematics examination.
  • Paper Presentation is essential in determining your score. Students fail to acknowledge the fact that their answer sheet should be in legible handwriting as the examiner will not have to put an extra effort just to read what is written in the answer sheet. The more you make the correction process easy for the examiner, the better you’ll score. You must label the graphs and figures properly and try to avoid scribbling and overwriting. Designate a column for the rough work for each question for the examiner’s convenience.

Effective time management is crucial for preparation as well as during the examination so the students should focus upon the questions they are confident about first and then attempt the remaining questions. You must try to complete the exam way ahead of the designated time because the revision of the answers is very important. 

You must avoid silly mistakes as they can have a considerable impact on your performance. It is seen that students commit silly mistakes that alter the solution altogether and they lose marks. 

Overall, maths is a tricky subject but can be tackled if you use these tips honestly, no force on earth can stop you from getting the desired score in the mathematics examination. A combination of hard and smart work is needed for getting the desired result. Best Wishes For Your Exam! 

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