Blog Top 5 Parking Innovations that will Rule 2021

Top 5 Parking Innovations that will Rule 2021


Parking has been quite significant for us in our daily lives. But there have been many technological developments over the past years which have changed the scenario of parking systems. Through this post, we are going to list some interesting parking innovations that you should definitely check out this year, so keep reading.

  1. Automated Valet Parking: Automated Valet Parking is one of the great innovations where cars are automatically parked in the traditional parking space, with real-time data efficiency and effectiveness. This is where CVPS provides automated valet parking solutions to various organizations to manage their parking space effectively. You can find the details here, .
  2. Parking Lifts: Mostly used as a combination with automated valet parking, parking lifts are generally used where vehicles are stacked via mechanical lift. This increases the efficiency of using a car parking space. So even if you own a garage to hold a single-car, parking lifts can be really helpful as you will be able to store multiple vehicles even in a small space.
  3. Parking Sensors: AI-enabled sensors are really an innovation that the world needs right now. These sensors help drivers to reduce their searching time for a parking spot with real-time information, thereby also reducing unnecessary traffic congestion and environmental pollution.
  4. Parking Fees Based on Pollution: Quite an important innovation, especially in regards to the global concerns of environmental sustainability where you have to pay the parking fees according to your emissions standards. So, if you use an electric or fuel-efficient vehicle, you will be enjoying a discount; similarly, if you use a vehicle contributing a greater share of pollution, surcharge fees have to be given.
  5. Wireless charging: Electric vehicles are the automobiles for a century, but carrying loops of cables is always irritating. So, wireless charging is a great boon. In most automated valet parking areas/ traditional parking spaces, wireless charging is available.  Generally, the outlet (240-volt) is connected to a pad that is attached beneath the vehicle, where it starts charging. Electric vehicles are gaining huge popularity, so wireless charging at this moment is surely going to be quite popular.
  6. Pay via plate: Sounds weird right? But this is an innovation which is really smart. You must have heard about parking meters. But this is something different after the driver is moving out of the parking space; they can pay for their parking space just by entering their license plate number in the kiosk. They can also renew their parking space through this method.


 Well, these are some of the innovations that are definitely going to rule 2021. Moreover, as you might have noticed that among all this, Automated Valet Solutions plays a very important role in car parking systems. Thus, in this case, CVPS solutions are here for you to help you set up an automatic valet parking through their software, thereby helping you maximize your revenue, increase your efficiency for the parking space, and set the biggest technological trend for the year.


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Top 5 Parking Innovations that will Rule 2021

Parking has been quite significant for us in our daily lives. But there have been many technological...

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