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Top Things to Do in Dubai


If you are planning to visit Dubai and still having second thoughts, then you are missing out the opportunities to experience the most exhilarating adventure of your life. This bustling city has more things to explore than your vacation days. That is a un denied fact that can alone make up your mind to visit this happening city.

Dubai has proved itself to be the vacation spot that can offer you to witness the highest form of your interest. Whatever you like to do. Whatever adventure you want to have in life, you can have that in Dubai. From sky diving, helicopter rides to scuba diving, deep-sea fishing this city has managed to create a safe, healthy environment to have all these experiences at one place.

One of the things that you will have here is comfort and luxury. The magnificent hotels and the opportunity to travel in the most elite cars is a given. You can get any car of your choice, luxury or super within affordable prices from great rent a car deals in Dubai. You can rent even rent an Audi, Mercedes, BMW, for your day to day travels while vacationing and rent supercars for just the fun of it.

There so many things to do while visiting Dubai, some are a must, and some are so unique that you can only find them in Dubai. Some adventures are of a lifetime that you don’t do in your country, even though you have the liberty to do so. In this article, we will discuss everything you should do while you are in Dubai.

1.   Rent a Luxury Car

Although it is not something that you should do while visiting Dubai, it is something that the city offers you to feel comfortable. Many car rentals companies provide the best luxury cars. You can rent the most luxurious car and tour the city without any delays or hesitation.

2.   Visit all the Places Portraying Glorious Infrastructure of Dubai.

The infrastructure of this city is the best example of what the human mind can create. The designs, the intricate artisanship is at its best, and you won’t find it anywhere else in the world.

The first thing you need to visit is Dubai Mall. The largest mall in the world is a fashion center with 1200 retail stores, including Blooming Dales and many other fashion brands from all around the world. The mall also has an aquarium and underwater zoo and let’s not forget the most famous dancing fountains which are most photographed fountains, are located in the mall.

Another place needed to be visited the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world and a human-made marvel that you have to witness.

Dubai frame is yet another gorgeous piece of infrastructure that you need to visit the view from the top is something that should not be missed.

3.   Supercar Rides and Rent a Car Deals in Dubai

Supercars in Dubai are yet another adventure you need to have. Many car rental companies offer unique supercars collected from all around the world. You can rent a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ford, Bugatti, McLaren, and Rolls Royce and live the dream of driving a sports car. Jebal Jais supercar mountain tour and Hatta lakes supercar mountain tour are two major supercar adventures you need to have while visiting Dubai.

Many luxury car rental companies offer rent a car deals in Dubai. With these deals, you can have other adventures and visit other exotic places for free. For example, if you rent a Lamborghini and enjoy iconic views of Dubai in a helicopter ride for free or rent a Ferrari and get one free ticket to the Ferrari world.

Helicopter rides, Ferrari World, Yacht rides are not the ones to miss out.

4.   Tour the City in a Limousine

Although Limousines are not very hard to find in your country, a limousine ride in Dubai is fun and filled with adventures. You can also rent Limousines from car rentals and avail their chauffeur services. Arrive at your destination with class and style.

5.   Desert Safari

Desert Safari is another adventure that awaits you in Dubai. Morning Desert Safari, Desert Safari night, Desert Safari with BBQ dinner, Dunes bashing, Hot air balloon ride through the desert, Sand Boarding, Dune Buggy you have to do them all. All these desert activities cannot be done better in any other desert in the world.

6.   Sky Diving and Other Aerial Activities

Apart from all the desert adventures, you can also have all the airborne experiences in the water too. Zip-lining at Dubai Marina, Fly board, Seaplane Flight, Water Jet Pack Experience, Wake Boarding, Bungee Jumping. All these experiences while visiting one city is the nudge your adventurous spirit needs.

The city has so much to offer all you need is the time to visit all the places. You can allocate the time or be smarter, rent a ride and use your time there more efficiently and with luxury car rental in Dubai you can avail exciting packages and maximum comfort with luxury cars and drive your dream sports car too.


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