Education What Are Important Questions For Class 12th Chemistry?

What Are Important Questions For Class 12th Chemistry?


Board exams of Classes 10th and 12th have a special place in the lives of the students. But, Class 12th also brings with it anxiety and stress. These exams determine the stream that you can or cannot pursue your higher education. 

Parents and teachers provide you with the support and guidance that you need. But all the hard work has to be done by you. The number of books you have to read, the syllabus that you have to cover, these exams takes a toll on your mental health. With the competition increasing, one attempts to read as many books as possible. However, what helps you top the exam is not the quantity but rather the quality of your preparation.

Parents and relatives come to you with various advice and suggestions. And then there is also a need to prove yourself. In such an environment, how should one prepare for complex and technical subjects like Chemistry?

Before moving forward, you need to realise the importance of NCERT books. Every student once in his or her life is often faced with the question of how important NCERT books are or are they even that important. The short answer would be, YES. The books are of immense significance.

 If you want to refer to the reference books, that’s perfectly fine. But you must have your basics clear. And this can be done by reading your books. Instead of trying to mug up all the formulas or equations, focus on understanding the concepts. 

A foundation can be laid by reading the book once or twice and then can be strengthened by using reference books and the internet to your advantage. Do not wait for your teacher or your tuition class to teach a topic. Take that book, read it yourself first. 

Self-study is what differentiates a topper from an average student. They explore, they play, they experiment. In a digital world, where every bit of information is available at just a click, it is really easy to find answers online.

But it doesn’t take you further. What Science teaches us is the importance of critical and creative thinking. It cannot be copy-pasted. It is an art that grows when practised more and more. Try to think and analyse when you study a concept. Read it aloud in your own language as if you are your own teacher.

Understand the basics, the concepts, draw those diagrams that haunt you, practice those equations, revise your notes. Then do all of it again and again. Make a list of important questions. Trust your gut. If you feel a topic or a question is important, it most likely is. Teachers and parents can be supplementary sources. But your books are your primary source. 

Chemistry, just like other subjects, is a fun, entertaining and scoring subject. Given below certain points that can help you further your preparation:

1. Start with the basics

Understanding the basics gives you a strong foundation. Refer to the books that you feel are simpler to read and easier to understand. Getting your basics cleared should be the first step in your preparation. Rather than mugging up everything, focus on understanding the concept. 

2. Attend your classes

Try not to miss any of your classes. Be attentive to whatever the teacher is teaching. You might learn a new piece of information or might see the same topic from a different perspective. Stay focused.

3. Make notes

Make short notes in your own language while studying. Supplement them with your school or tuition notes. Writing notes ensures that you can recall them easily in your exam. Diagrams and equations should also be included. This will save you time as you won’t have a hard time recalling them during your exam.

4. Previous year papers

Go through the previous year papers at least once. Try to understand which topics carry more weight. This way you can prioritise accordingly. Whenever practising, write your answers the exact same way that you would write in your exam. This way you will not have to spend extra time structuring your answer in the exam hall.

5. Practice, practice and practice

Play with different types of questions- questions given at the end of the chapter, in the reference books, previous year questions. Attempting different questions will help you effectively tackle the questions that might be asked in the exam. You will be familiarised with the language of the exam.

6. List

Make a list of questions and topics that you find difficult. You can also make a separate list of topics or questions you might find important. Go through these lists time and again. Going through them multiple times will ensure that they remain etched in your brain. Focus more on the topics that challenge you.

7. Revise

If you have revised your books and notes, recalling the information in the exam hall will not be difficult. Revision ensures that after you have read a question the information you need to answer it, will automatically come to you. You should revise whatever you have learnt multiple times before the date of exam approaches. Make sure you have given significant time to the diagrams and equations as well.

8. Eat Healthy, Be Healthy

As one often says, a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Make sure you include almonds, walnuts, milk etc. in your daily life. They give your brain the required energy and your body the required nutrients. Participate in some physical activity. Go for walks, play outdoors, do yoga. Also, try to meditate at least for 5 minutes daily.

Following these steps will help you score good marks with the least anxiety. Spend some time with your parents and friends. Ask your teachers if you have any doubt. Talk to them because you are not alone in your preparation. Give importance to your mental health too. Believe in yourself the way we believe in you.

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