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What Can Go Wrong With Your Septic System?


Septic systems are built to last. In most cases, a homeowner won’t need to re-install their septic for as long as they own their home. 

However, damage can happen. It’s important to watch for signs of septic damage in your property, so you can call for repairs before that damage gets too serious. A bad smell, standing water in your yard, and slow-flushing toilets can all be indicators that something has gone wrong with your septic. 

But what can go wrong, exactly? Here are a few common problems that can damage residential septic systems

1. Shifting Grounds

Remember, most septic systems stay underground for generations without replacement. In that time, the ground on your property can slowly shift. 

These shifts generally aren’t noticeable from above ground, but they can lead to small cracks in your septic tanks or pipes. Over time, that will cause leaks and low pressure. You may need to replace your septic tank if the damage gets extensive. 

2. Root Growth

Plants and trees growing on your property can also damage your septic system, particularly the pipes. Roots will grow around your septic pipes, constricting and eventually cracking them. 

To keep plant growth from damaging your septic, you should know where your septic pipes, tank, and leach field are located on your property. Keep this area clear of big plants like trees and bushes — that ground is the ideal place for an open field or light garden!

3. Heavy Objects

An older septic tank can crack under pressure. That’s why it’s important to avoid parking heavy machinery (cars, trucks, tractors, etc.) on top of the ground where your tank is located. If the tank is put under enough pressure, it could break and lead to a serious flood on your property. 

Septic damage is rare, but it can happen as your tank and pipes get older. Keep an eye out for signs of problems, and call a septic repair company near you whenever you think your system needs to be repaired! You’ll save tons of money by catching those issues early, before they can escalate!

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