what is responsible for getting a system up and going and finding an os to load?

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The main requirement for running a computer is a boot disk or hard drive. A power supply, of course, and maybe some other peripherals. If the system doesn’t have any peripherals connected to it except for a keyboard and mouse, then it’s just a matter of hooking up the monitor and making sure all the power cords are plugged in.

Additionally, once you’re done setting up your system, you’ll need to install an operating system on top of that base configuration. Windows 7 or 8 could work well for this purpose; they’re both relatively lightweight operating systems that won’t take too long to set up.

it is simple to do so. you need a hard drive of course. you will need an operating system and then you can search for software. once you have the operating system on the hard drive and an internet connection and a program called command prompt or terminal or whatever it is i am not good at describing these things, then you can download software from websites like google play or the app store.

once you have the software on your computer, you can install it and use the software.

i read on a forum that people under the age of 20 don’t know how to set up a computer because they watch too many movies and they don’t get out much. i disagree because people from all walks of life can get a computer/laptop if they want one. i have set up many computers for people and they are happy with me doing it for them. anyhow, setting up a computer is easy enough: hook everything up and turn the power on.

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if you can’t get your computer set up within a reasonable amount of time, remember to give it back to the store and buy yourself another computer because setting up a computer is very easy. if you want a refund, it’s possible but you need proof that the other person wasn’t able to set it up within a reasonable amount of time.

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