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what is the only dog breed specifically mentioned in the bible?


The only dog breed specifically mentioned in the Bible is the Canaan dog.
This breed was bred to have large, shaggy fur and black spots on a white background.
This breed has been around for about 3,000 years and according to legend, Noah saved this breed from the flood.
This article will explore what it means for a dog to be biblical and how that might change your perspective about different breeds of dogs you know or may know of!

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How Biblical is a Dog?

Can a dog be biblical? Many find this to be a silly question. After all, dogs have been around for thousands of years. In fact, the Bible does say that animals were created on the sixth day of creation (Genesis 1:24-25).
So, they must be biblical right? Well, not quite. The Bible does not specifically mention any specific kinds of dogs by name. Therefore, they are not specifically biblical.
However, there is one dog breed that is specifically mentioned in the Bible and it is called the Canaan dog!

What is a Canaan Dog?

The only dog breed specifically mentioned in the Bible is the Canaan dog. This breed was bred to have large, shaggy fur and black spots on a white background (Exodus 10:14). The Canaan dog was also said to be able to draw lepers out of hiding during difficult times. In order to make them more comfortable for this job, the dogs were also made less aggressive around humans as well (Leviticus 11:7). The Canaan dog also is said to be one of the oldest dog breeds known to man!

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Does this Make Other Dogs Not Biblical?

Of course not. While the only biblical dog breed is the Canaan dog, other breeds are used in many other places in the Bible as well. For example, in Moses and Aaron’s day, they often traveled alongside noble shepherds who cared for large flocks of sheep (Exodus 3:1). In that time period, dogs were highly prized for their ability to guard a flock and alert the shepherd if trouble was near.
This is why dogs are also mentioned many times throughout the Song of Songs as well (Song 2:15-17). In that book, King Solomon’s love for the young maiden, Bathsheba, is shown by the fact that he often gathered his servants and friends together to enjoy some time with her. One of these times was spent around a fire where a pack of dogs gathered around them (2:15).
Of course we don’t see any dogs mentioned by name in the Song of Solomon however. As a matter of fact, many found it surprising that dogs were even mentioned at all in this book (see Proverbs 19:12 and Ecclesiastes 9:4).
However, as I said earlier, not every dog mention by name in the Bible is biblical.

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