When Should a High School Student Start Applying for...

When Should a High School Student Start Applying for Scholarships?


There are many factors you’ll need to consider when you look for scholarship programs. However, there’s one basic, universal rule: whatever financial aid program you choose, make sure you start preparing for that program early on. If you want to improve your chances of bagging that scholarship, here’s helpful advice on when you’ll need to start checking submission guidelines and requirements.

Make a List

First, go about your search for high school scholarships in an organized way. Make a list of the scholarships you want to try. Are you eligible for those programs? You’ll want to check up on that detail, too, before you proceed any further with the application. Once you have that list, it’ll be easier to winnow down your options.

Create a Calendar

Now that you have a list, note down all the application deadlines. Create a calendar and input all that data. That will make it easier to check which deadlines are coming up, which papers you’ll need to write for the weekend or projects to finish or forms you’ll need to fill out before the month ends. With a calendar, staying on top of the scholarship tasks should be a lot easier.

Start Early

Don’t be blindsided by a ton of deadlines. If you want to improve your chances of getting that scholarship, start early. Check the requirements a year ahead. That way, you can make plans, put out feelers, and explore your options. By the time the deadlines arrive, you’ll be more than ready to take up the chance. You might have even started on some of the work already.

Know the Scholarship Season

Understanding the scholarship season, which is divided into three seasons that include Fall, Spring, and Summer, will help you prepare and decide which season you’re after. Knowing the major deadline months for each season is a huge help to get you ready on preparing to bag the scholarship fund that you’ve been eyeing all this time.

Extracurriculars Help

Some scholarship programmes also consider your track record. Someone with an excellent academic record is ideal since the schools know that the student will make the best use of the funds. Create that same impression as well. Volunteering and joining clubs or organizations will help set you up for success and add more meat to your application. If they see that you’re already involved in many organizations or activities, that can help tip the tides in your favour. This means, though, that if you’re determined to get that scholarship fund, you’ll need to start preparing as early as years ahead. When you join clubs or organizations, you’ll want to keep that in mind.

Junior High is Ideal

This is when you’ll need to start looking for a scholarship program. That’s because your final year will be filled up with college applications, additional classes, and other things that seniors are busy with. It’s a full year, which leaves you with little to no time to take care of scholarship requirements and tasks. If you start out early, though, by the time you’re a senior, you might be lucky enough to have done most of the work for the applications. That means it’ll be much easier for you to handle the workload that it’ll add to your already existing load of schoolwork and college entrance exams.

Use the Holidays

Don’t let the holidays go to waste. Start looking for scholarship programs or doing scholarship tasks at this time. The sooner you start getting ready, the better your chances are for winning a scholarship. That also means you won’t have to worry about cramming everything, or doing them last minute, since that means you might not turn in your best work.


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