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which component may be considered a field replaceable unit (fru)?


Many components of home appliances are considered field replaceable units, including some parts in refrigerators and dishwashers.

A field replaceable unit (FRU) is a component in an appliance that is not permanently installed in the appliance chassis. This means that the component can be removed without having to remove any other accessory or disconnect any electrical outlet power supply connections. FRUs are usually shipped in kits which include the necessary part and instructions for installation.

There are several different types of FRU. A major distinction is between a circuit board (PCB), a printed circuit, and the wiring harness that connects the PCB to the appliance’s power supply. There is also a distinction between busbars and connectors.

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In traditional appliances, where components are built around ceramic-based printed circuit boards, some components such as resistors and capacitors are considered FRUs. Other components such as electrolytic capacitors are not considered FRUs only because they have no adhesive backing on them. Some types of relays and fuses are also not considered FRUs because they do not have adhesive backing or wiring harnesses attached to them.

In modern appliances, where PCBs are attached to the appliance’s chassis by standing on solder pins that protrude through the back of the PC board, components such as busbars and connectors are FRUs.

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Many manufacturing appliances are built around a chassis that is usually constructed of sheet metal and fastened together with screws and bolt points. Some appliances use rivets to attach the sheet metal components together instead of screws or bolts, but most appliances are assembled with fasteners like those used in cars (pictured). There are also some appliances that have plastic or wooden frames that hold the sheet metal panels together in a spaced apart fashion (like a picture frame). This is usually done for reasons of strength and/or decorative purposes.

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These sheets of sheet metal can also be assembled together with a variety of fasteners. A special device, known as a rivet gun, or rivet machine, is used to drive the rivets through the sheet metal and into the appliance chassis.

Some new appliances are being built without an outer chassis at all. In these appliances, there are usually one or two plastic molded sides at each end of the appliance that have to be screwed together with screws. To make this construction easier to understand, the major components of an appliance (the engine) are usually carried inside the body of the appliance (the refrigerator or cooking range). The crew that assembles the appliance may not even have to open the door (in models with a sealed polyurethane door) to install or repair parts of the main appliance.

Most of these appliance assemblies are built around what is commonly called a “standard chassis”. This is a standard size and shape that has been used for decades. Over time, many manufacturers have added variations on this layout, but most major components can be found on most standard chassis configurations.

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