Technology which of the following correctly describes nims?

which of the following correctly describes nims?


Nim is a high-level programming language with several features designed to eliminate the need for run-time memory allocation, while still making it easy to write modules in C.

In Nim, like many other functional languages, there is really only one value type: a nullary (single-value) tuple. The names of these types are typically made up of characters from the Latin alphabet; determining how such a name should be translated into some kind of text requires the use of Context Free Grammars.

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Nim also supports compile time errors using its own Nimlang compiler backend which can generate an exception in case any syntactic or semantic error is detected at compile time. Nim also supports runtime errors using the C-like Nim runtime system, which can throw an implementation-dependent exception.

Nim provides (and makes easy to add) compile time static checking for your code and runtime type checking. It even manages dynamic memory allocation for you by assigning address spaces to newly created objects automatically (the allocator is part of the standard library).

Nims has a high level syntax that is optimized for programmer productivity. It does so by eliminating some syntactic features that are not considered valuable in a language which is meant to be used by programmers.

The language is developed by a community under the leadership of Andreas Rumpf. The main developer mailing list is nim at, and users can join the IRC channel #nim at the Freenode network.

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In a ranking done by RedMonk in September 2013 comparing programming languages in usage among GitHub projects, Nim was ranked 42nd, making it the highest ranked dynamic language.
The analysis was done from a sample of 17,000 projects on GitHub finding that: “Overall, these rankings are heavily impacted by communities surrounding language runtimes – most obviously Python and Java. Beyond that, usage of a given language is heavily dependent on the kinds of projects being written in it (and perhaps to some degree the kinds of people attracted to it).”

In an analysis published by RedMonk in January 2015 comparing programming languages by number of GitHub contributors, Nim was ranked 33rd. The analysis was done from a sample of over 1 million GitHub user profiles and identified that: “The top ten languages are very similar to last quarter’s rankings, with C firmly established in the number one position. After that, we see a scattering of other well-known programming languages with C++, Java, and Objective-C bringing up the rear. Notable new entries this quarter include Nim, a statically-typed imperative language, and Go – which continues to grow its community amidst rising interest in the language.”

In an analysis published by RedMonk in May 2015 comparing programming languages by number of Stack Overflow tags, Nim was ranked 31st. The analysis was done from a sample of over 6 million questions on Stack Overflow and identified that: “The results for this quarter show very little change from the last two quarters’ studies. Once again we see that C remains the most popular language for Q&A, though it has slipped slightly since our last rankings. There are eleven languages with more than 10% of all questions. Together they account for almost 80% of all questions.”

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In an analysis published by RedMonk in March 2015 comparing programming languages by number of total GitHub issues, Nim was ranked 2nd. The analysis was done from a sample of over 1000 GitHub projects and identified that: “Our top ten languages list remains largely unchanged from our previous analysis. C continues to be the most popular language on GitHub as it has been for several quarters now. In second place is Nim, with only Microsoft’s surprisingly successful C# language and C itself in the top 3.

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