Life Style which of the following exemplifies a symptom of paranoid...

which of the following exemplifies a symptom of paranoid personality disorder?


The quiz is designed to help you identify which of the following exemplifies a symptom of paranoid personality disorder.

1) the person assumes that normal, harmless events happen with no rhyme or reason and are directed at him or her.
2) the person fears that people will inflict harm on themselves and desperately tries to avoid such events, while sometimes provoking them with random actions.
3) the person is unreasonably suspicious about other people’s motives and feels as though they are being conspired against.
4) the person believes that even minor steps taken to correct an injustice could be inadequate and therefore becomes over-defensive in minor situations.

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The quiz is about the kind of paranoia that is part of paranoid personality disorder. Don’t forget that none of these are true-false questions. You only need to answer True, as long as it is an example for the symptom in question..

Keep in mind that you can answer with more than one option. Always write down your answer before leaving the site. If you do not check all options, you will not receive credit for any answers.

Worrying about things that you think others do not want you to know is a symptom of paranoid personality disorder.

To elaborate, people with this disorder are paranoid that their significant others are cheating on them, and constantly monitor them without consent to ensure they are safe. Without the consent or knowledge of the person being monitored, these people do not understand why they would give permission for this behavior. They may even be in a dangerous situation without anyone noticing or becoming concerned. As such, they will continue to monitor them even if it causes tensions with their partner.

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People with this disorder may wonder if other people can see them in the shower or put tracking devices in their car that monitor their driving habits. These people are concerned about other people’s intentions and feelings towards them and spend excessive amounts of time analyzing these situations. They often have a hard time thinking logically and tend to exaggerate dangers. They also believe that they have no control over their environment, surroundings, or interpersonal relationships at all.

People with this disorder may think that someone is following them, even when they leave the home. These individuals are convinced of the precariousness of life, its unpredictability, disorder, and chaos regardless of what we see as reality, laws, morals or social customs. They feel that they are at the mercy of other people’s whims and needs. They are convinced that other people take special pleasure in humiliating and degrading them, in making them fail, punish them or make them suffer.

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People with paranoid personality disorder often feel that they are lacking in personal power. They may also fear life itself, fearing not only specific events, but the unpredictability of life itself and their own helplessness before unknown forces. If you find that any of these symptoms apply to you, we strongly suggest seeking treatment for this condition.

Paralized feeling: describe the sensation you feel when you are being paranoid and wondering if people are trying to “out” you, etc. Also describe the feeling of not being able to get back to a normal level of functioning, or even defend yourself from persecution. (this is separate from the other symptom of hypervigilance)
80% of peoples that suffer from PPD also have Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder which can be diagnosed in 6 months with a simple test.’t-want-them-to.html

The main difference between OCD and PPD is in their reactions to the problem they have. People with OCD usually react to their fears/obsessions by using neutralizing actions (e.g., hand washing). Most people with PPD, on the other hand, find that their fears increase and don’t go away without getting attention (e.g., calling the police).

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