Education which of the following statements are true?

which of the following statements are true?


Writing and publishing this blog post is your responsibility.
1) Many people believe that writing is easy.
2) Writing requires a lot of effort. (Correct)
3)The hardest part about writing for others is the revising process which can help improve the work. (Incorrect.)
The third statement is incorrect because all writing tasks require revision, whether it be before or after publication, and all problems with revising will eventually lead to success with increased revision efforts.”
This post discusses how many people think that creative writing has an easier process than other types of journalism like news articles and opinion pieces, when in fact they are very similar processes in much of what they entail.

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The primary difference between news stories and fictional writing is their purpose. News articles are published for a specific purpose, to inform the public of a certain topic. Fiction writing on the other hand is created for a personal or creative reason. The difference between fiction and nonfiction is depth as well as purpose, but I will go into depth in my article about how creating depth is key to creating more engaging pieces of literature rather than simply writing facts.
However, this does not mean that making up facts or adding details to reports do not help add depth to one’s work of fiction.

“All writing tasks require revision, whether it be before or after publication, and all problems with revising will eventually lead to success with increased revision efforts.”
Fallacies of communication is a collection of fallacies that are found frequently in the world of communication. These fallacies occur when someone speaks without understanding what they are talking about and can be a result of communication mishaps. The most common form is misunderstanding or “misconception” which is a misconception that you, as the writer may make in writing. Miscommunication can be caused by any type of misunderstanding, but the one that we will focus on as writers is a general misunderstanding of the audience.
In this article, I will discuss general misunderstanding and misconceptions from different genres.

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This article is intended for fiction writers who may have misconceptions about their audience or direct complaints regarding their work that may lead to a misconception in their audience. This article’s main goal is to help explain these misconceptions.
The first mistake that fiction writers can make in creating a piece of literature or writing any task for which they are working on is to think that they know what the audience desires or needs.
A writer’s misconception about his audience can be extremely detrimental to the success of his or her work. The media can portray someone in the most positive light when in reality they are a horrible person. In the world of fiction writing, this can be dangerous because it allows an author to focus on making their characters look good instead of making them a person that people want to read about. This leads to two main misconceptions that I will discuss in this article:

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There are several different approaches you can take when trying to create depth in your story, whether it be for a novel or short story. Most approaches require great amounts of comparison and contrast between characters and thoughts as well as considering every aspect of characterization possible such as motive, conflict and dialogue.

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