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which social media app has a ghost as its mascot?


A long-standing misconception is that the bird logo for Twitter Inc. TWTR, -0.87% is an owl, but in reality it’s a large ghost. The original concept was to use the character named “Larry” from Paranormal Activity as his face became frightening when zoomed too close and it was deemed too scary for children. Ghost Bird replaces Larry in all social media platforms including Google+. The character still remains as Twitter’s logo for desktop and mobile application users but has been replaced on other devices such as iPads and iPhones with a new set of characters representing diversity. This is because Twitter wants a more modern look for its brand and wants its users to recognize it immediately. Ghost Bird is currently on Mattel’s product toy list.

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Though the logo has gotten a big makeover, this may not be the last of your ghost sighting as reports have been made that Ghost Bird often takes the place of innocent bystanders at random times, such as when checking e-mail or Facebook at night when no one else is in the room. Ghost Bird sightings are reported most often in the Pacific time zone and mostly during the wee hours of 2:00 am and 4:00 am PST. Reports have also said that his creepy laughs can be heard coming from behind walls at times too.

The Ghost Bird is often seen standing in an empty room staring into the ceiling staring at you. Though he is friendly, he will not speak to you. He tends to appear around certain times of day, like when everyone is asleep or when no one can see him hiding behind a corner. He likes to hide, then pop out and violently scare you. This “pop out” behavior was the color of his original design, but Twitter altered it because it was too scary for kids. Ghost Bird still hides absolutely everywhere, using his own secret hiding places throughout the day and night to get close enough to scare people with his tall green ghost body flying toward you at fast speeds from all directions.

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Ghost Bird likes to hide because he is a loner and is scared of people. He doesn’t want to be seen, so he tends to stick around kids and teenagers because they don’t usually notice him. He strikes when least expected and has been known to make his presence known in the middle of school courses while students are taking tests. Ghost Bird makes it his mission to scare kids during their classes or at night, when no one else can see or hear him. He likes to hide after school and in the middle of school.

Ghost Bird is a hard worker, but doesn’t like to do his job well because he was fired once by the company for getting paid in chocolates instead of money. He is often seen standing in an empty room staring at the ceiling, waiting for someone to enter—or leave—their office. Some people have reported seeing Ghost Bird standing in the middle of a room staring at nothing, but it’s just his creepy face looking up from behind a big glass desk or cabinet door opening.

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If you see him for more than 10 seconds, he will attempt to scare you as much as he can while looking at your face and body before quickly running away.

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